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Roundtable Forum - ZIMBABWE

IA Forum asked 6 commentators: Inflation in Zimbabwe stands at 2,200 per cent, three quarters of the population are unemployed, and three million people have fled the country, yet President Robert Mugabe remains in power. Is it time that the international community removed the Mugabe regime, and if so, how should it be done?

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Mon, July 16, 2007 09:43 AM (about 9 years ago)
I am struck by the failure of some of the commentators here to indentify the complicity of the so called 'international community' in the Zimbabwe crisis. Those also guilty, Britain, have become the judges. Just how international is this 'international community'? Closer reading shows that the term 'international community' is a euphemism for the West. I mean, do the Chinese, Sri Lankans, Argentines & Saudi Arabians have concern for events in Zimbabwe or isn't it just the West? Also, I am yet to see a comprehensive and well thought out transition framework and package within which this 'international community' can play a positive role. The urge seems to be how to facilitate Mugabe's departure with little thought on the post Mugabe era.
Knox Chitiyo, Royal United Services Institute

Response: Zimbabwe is a landscape, with guns. Robert Mugabe has descended from paragon, to pariah; the nation, instead of looking to the future, is in thrall to the violence of memory. Zimbabwe’s precipitous fall from grace, which began in 1997 and was accelerated by the controversial land redistribution programme and simultaneous political violence post- 2000, has yet to end. For many, particularly in the... more

Annabel Hughes, Zimbabwe Democracy Trust Inc.

Response: Robert Mugabe continues to belly-crawl beneath the rat-a-tat-tat of fierce criticism being fired at him on a multifronted battlefield, always dusting himself off the other side unscathed, if not victorious.

The Zimbabwean president is a master at outwitting his opponents. Right from the start—while exiled in Mozambique during the 1970s liberation war—he nimbly vaulted over the heads of the fo... more

Kaysie Brown, Center for Global Development

Response: There is no doubt that Zimbabwe is in the midst of an economic and political meltdown. With the highest inflation rate in the world, crippling poverty, non-existent political freedoms, and ongoing land and property disputes, frustration is mounting both internally and externally. And Mugabe’s recent signing of protocols with labor and businesses as an attempt to quell discontent and reduce soari... more

Miles Tendi, Zimbabwean Journalist

Response: Since 2000, the Robert Mugabe government has made a sustained attempt to depict human rights as Western and a form of moral imperialism no different from past pretexts, such as the white man’s burden, for Western Europe’s colonial machinations. This has been done through the construction and propagation of a narrative called Patriotic history. In Africa, sovereignty is ‘an inversion of colonialism... more

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