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Sun. December 05, 2021
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External Article
The anti-American obsession
Jean François Revel discusses France reaction to the 'American standardization'. (The New Criterion, Vol. 22, No. 2, October/2003) Read More...

External Article
Bush's North Korea policy still a shambles
Piece critical of Bush administration policy towards North Korea . (Asia Times, 11/26/2003) Read More...

External Article
A War of Choice or of Necessity?
Piece critical of Richard Haass's statement that the Bush administration "did not have to go to war against Iraq, certainly not when we did. There were other options". By Lawrence J. Korb. (Washington... Read More...

External Article
Jihad has worked - the world is now split in two
Discusses Bin Laden's objectives and status; and states that the resolution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict is the only immediate way of reversing the dangerous polarisation of the world that Bin L... Read More...

External Article
Hard Lessons for Arab Democracy
In pursuing democracy in the Middle East we are rightfully challenging Arabs to aspire to a higher standard of political behavior. Yet this is worth doing only if it reflects a sincere effort to aspir... Read More...

External Article
It won't work, so why do we play along with U.S.?
Critical of U.S. missile defense system and argues that Canada should not support it. By John C. Polanyi. (Toronto Star, 8/25/2003) Read More...

External Article
A Geostrategy for Eurasia
The United States should begin paving the way to a transcontinental security system that will ensure Eurasia's future is more peaceful than its past. By Zbigniew Brzezinski. (Foreign Affairs, 9/1/199... Read More...

External Article
A House United
Americans often think China's leadership is split between hard-liners and moderates. It is not. The sooner Washington understands that Beijing is unified, the better. By Paul Heer. (Foreign Affairs, 7... Read More...

External Article
A New Agenda for U.S.-Brazilian Relations
(Heritage Foundation, 11/20/2002)

External Article
A Tale of Two Secretaries
Examines Donald Rumsfeld as a secretary of war and as a secretary of defense. By Eliot A. Cohen. (Foreign Affairs, 5/1/2002) Read More...

External Article
Alone or With Others: The Temptations of Post-Cold War Power
America should use its post-Cold War hegemony wisely by deepening its ties with its NATO allies and thereby save itself from the temptations of overwhelming power. By Robert W. Tucker. (Foreign Affair... Read More...

External Article
America and Europe: Clash of the Titans?
The euro's launch will transform the transatlantic relationship for good by placing Europe on an equal economic footing with the United States. An effective U.S. partnership with Europe is essential t... Read More...

External Article
America Discovers Central Asia
The September 11 terrorist attacks and their aftermath have spurred a renewed U.S. interest in Central Asia. Despite official rhetoric, America is likely to remain militarily engaged there for some ti... Read More...

External Article
America Slams the Door (On Its Foot): Washington's Destructive New Visa Policies
Harsh new restrictions on Muslim visitors have told potential friends that the United States no longer wants them. Goodwill is being squandered; Americans will pay. By John N. Paden and Peter W. Singe... Read More...

External Article
American Primacy in Perspective
If America's current global predominance does not constitute unipolarity, then nothing ever will. And despite what many have argued, no serious attempts by others to balance U.S. power are likely for ... Read More...

External Article
American Primacy is a Lesser Evil
(Belfer Center, 7/23/2003)

External Article
America's Imperial Ambition
The concepts emerging from the Bush administration's war on terrorism form a neoimperial vision in which the United States arrogates to itself the global role of setting standards, determining threats... Read More...

External Article
Back to the Bazaar
The bargain struck with Egypt and Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War seemed successful for a decade, but now the United States is facing the consequences: Washington backed Cairo's and Riyadh's authorita... Read More...

PDF document
Be Careful What You Wish For: The Future of U.S.-Saudi Relations
(World Policy Journal, 3/1/2002)

External Article
Between the Old Left and the New Right
The new right's insistence on smearing detente as appeasement led them to ignore subtle Soviet encroachments and abandon Ford when he urged Congress to aid Indochina and Angola. The neocons undercut t... Read More...

External Article
Bully of the Free World
Since World War II, America has styled itself the "leader of the free world." But to get its way, the United States has ignored the American public and used covert action, sabotage, and threats agains... Read More...

External Article
Bush and Putin’s Tentative Embrace
(World Policy Journal, 12/1/2001)

External Article
Bush and the World
To fight terrorism and protect U.S. interests and ideals, the only practical solution for Bush is to bolster the international community that the United States helped create. By Michael Hirsh. (Forei... Read More...

External Article
Cherry - Picking: US and European Relationship
(Heritage Foundation, 6/11/2003)

External Article
Choosing Engagement: Uniting the U.N. with U.S. Interests
The U.N.'s voluble critics fret that it threatens American sovereignty. In fact, a strengthened U.N. system will both serve America's interests and promote its ideals. By William H. Luers. (Foreign Af... Read More...

External Article
Civil War by Other Means
The debates over Kosovo blurred the old divisions between liberals and conservatives, but they did not rise above an even older split in American politics and foreign policy: the enduring divide betwe... Read More...

External Article
Come Partly Home, America: How to Downsize U.S. Deployments Abroad
America should not abdicate its military duties abroad. But careful cuts in the number of U.S. troops overseas could alleviate some current problems without sacrificing U.S. interests or strategic goa... Read More...

External Article
Crisis in Ukraine: U.S. Interests under Threat
(Heritage Foundation, 5/2/2001)

External Article
Debate: A Second American Century
America's prosperity is structural, not transient, and its lead over Europe and Asia will only widen with time. America had the twentieth century. It will also have the twenty-first. By Mortimer B. Zu... Read More...

External Article
Debate: America the Boastful
While the U.S. economy is in a period of robust growth, nothing fundamental has changed. Its long-run growth rate has not accelerated, productivity has not risen, and the structural unemployment rate ... Read More...

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