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Tue. January 25, 2022
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Roundtable Forum - CHINA SPACE ARMS RACE

"China has never and will never participate in any form of space arms race," according to a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman. Yet the shooting down of one of its own weather satellites has alarmed many observers who also suggest China's real defense spending is probably considerably higher than it claims. Will other countries in the region feel threatened enough following the recent test to ramp up their own defense spending, and how should the United States respond? (3/12/2007)

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Wed, July 04, 2007 06:35 AM (about 14 years ago)
i agree that China is a threat especially to Indonesia. Why? They will try to get advantage in term of politics, economy, and so on.
Leon V. Sigal, Social Science Research Council

Response: China’s announced increase in its defense budget, coming on the heels of its successful test of an anti-satellite weapon, has been seized on by those in Washington who are eager to confront China or counter its growing military might. Their fearmongering is not warranted.

China’s military buildup is much more restrained than it is capable of, both economically and technologically. China has de... more

Andrew Small, German Marshall Fund

Response: Barring a major economic setback, the expansion of Chinese military capacities is a given. The anti-satellite test is likely to be one of a number of further developments, whether it be a Chinese blue-water navy or greater sophistication in China’s nuclear capabilities, that will become a serious subject of concern to the United States and China’s neighbors in the coming years. The task this poses... more

Kerry Brown, Chatham House & Dir. Strategic China

Response: Since 1949, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has stressed its benign intent. Its leaders and policy makers have referred to its non-aggressive territorial strategy. Its disputes, over Taiwan, the Spratley Isles, or the South China Sea, were presented as issues left over from history, which it was the PRC’s right to resolve, not indications of ambitions to spread influence beyond its borders in... more

You Ji, University of New South Wales

Response: The PLA’s satellite killing exercise on 11 January 2007 caught many analysts by surprise. There have been many commentaries on this hot topic since then. Some of these are sensible analysis but others deliberately exaggerate the significance of the test. Although we do not know exactly why Beijing had to do this to arouse international concern, some objective assessments are necessary to unravel t... more

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