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Tue. January 25, 2022
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Roundtable Forum - STEM STUDIES

President Obama has highlighted innovation in education and research within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics STEM fields to advance some of the largest industries in the United States and address its most-pressing issues. Preparing and inspiring rising students, especially in underrepresented categories, to study STEM fields could push the US from the middle of the pack to competing directly with countries known specifically for growing technology sectors. What education system reforms or programs should be implemented to emphasize the importance of K-12 and higher education preparation within the area of STEM studies that would be in line with the President's call for a more technologically-literate workforce?

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STEM Musings
Lloyd Bentsen IV, John Merrifield, NCPA

Response: The fundamental problem with public schools nationwide is that a lot of children are not engaged in useful learning. Numerous surveys have found that 40 percent to 60 percent of suburban, urban and rural students are not engaged with the content of public school curricula. Individual students require different kinds of schools and curricula because of their particular learning styles, interests a... more

STEM Engagement
Dr. Yas Nakib, George Washinton University

Response: Attention to Science and Mathematics in schools and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics STEM in college has become central to federal policy initiatives meant to fend the confluence of dire reports that have highlighted the lackluster engagement and achievement of US students falling short of their counterparts in other developed countries. Academics, businesses, legislatures, politician... more

Improving Access of Opportunity in STEM
Dr. Kimberly Gomez, UCLA

Response: In his thought piece, Mythinformation Winner, 1988 expressed doubts about the power of technology to, in and of itself, change educational and economic opportunity disparities between citizens. History seems to have supported his concerns indeed, the gaps remain vexingly persistent. New York Times, 12/4/11, p.8. In the years since the 1995 U.S. Department of Commerce report, Falling Through the ... more

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