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Sun. June 23, 2024
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New Issue of International Affairs Forum: Europe and the EU; Addressing Climate Change
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Read the latest issue of International Affairs Forum featuring essays and interviews with experts from around the world, including our Student Award Winners discussing Europe, the EU, and Addressing Climate Change:



The EU: Addressing Current Issues and Challenges Ahead - Stefan Lehne

Brexit and Europe - Interview with Lord David Frost

An Enlarged EU Can Also Strengthen It - Sébastien Maillard

Closing the Doors to Europe: Will the European Union's External Migration Policy Work?Dr. Bernd Parusel

EU's Eastern Border and Inconvenient Truths - Dr. Aleksandra Ancite-Jepifánova

Si vis pacem, para bellum? Europe's Shifting Security Landscape -  Dr. Andriy Korniychuk

Secular Stagnation in the UK and Barriers to Sustainable Growth of Economic Welfare - Emeritus Professor of Economics Malcolm Sawyer

The Conflict in Ukraine as a Catalyst for EU-NATO Relations - Professor Yannis Stivachtis

Murky Waters: Quick Remarks About the Political Crisis - Professor Manlio Graziano


Formulating a Strategic Plan to Tackle Climate Change - Interview with Sir David King

Using Technology to Address Climate Change: Exaggerated Expectations? - Interview with Dr. Duncan McLaren

Critical Minerals for the Energy Transition - Interview with Olivia Lazard

Need for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty - Interview with Tzeborah Berman

Challenges to Adopt Clean Innovations - Interview with Dr. Gbemi Oluleye

Winds of Change: How Populist Ideologies Shape Europe's Climate Future - Samyak Arun Bharthur 

Welfare States in Crisis: Is Going Green Compatible with Growth? - Elizabeth Ng Si Jie

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