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Sat. June 15, 2024
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Social Media: Africa: South Africa

1-30 Social Media articles displayed
for the Africa/South Africa Region

External Article
HIV/AIDS and Human Security: A Focus on Women and Economic Security in Southern Africa
Author analyzes the AIDS/HIV issue in southern Africa and offers policy recommendations towards combating its effect there. By Elizabeth Armstrong-Mensah, PhD. (04/21/2010) Read More...

External Article
Nedbank: SA will be in recession
Aricle on the effects of the global recession on South Africa's economy. By Reuters (FIN24.com,05/14/2009) Read More...

External Article
Not Aiding Africa
Article on the issues behind Africa's developmental woes and prescriptions on what ought to be done. By Greg Mills (The New York Times, 04/23/2009) Read More...

External Article
Beneficiation: 'Minerals don't give advantage'
Article on why beneficiation of minerals should "not be used as the basis for selective intervention and industrial promotion" in South Africa. By Quentin Wray (Business Report, 05/09/2008) Read More...

External Article
South African men are raping women...
Article disclosing the corrective measures taken by South African men to cure lesbianism. By Daily Mail Reporter (Mail Online, 03/13/2009) Read More...

External Article
Voting for the People's Man
On the eve of South Africa's fourth democratic election, author considers the implications of a Jacob Zuma presidency. (The Economist, 4/18/2009) Read More...

External Article
Elections Offer Fresh Hope for South Africa
The break-up of the African National Congress and the forthcoming general election provide a unique opportunity for a realignment of forces in South African politics. By Marian L. Tupy and Tony Leon... Read More...

External Article
SA shuts Zimbabwe refugees' camp
Thousands of Zimbabwean refugees are stranded after authorities in South Africa moved to shut a camp sheltering them in the border town of Musina. (BBC 03/05/2009) Read More...

External Article
S.Africa PMI at record low but jobs rise in Q4
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's purchasing managers index fell to a record low in February, pointing to further deterioration as a global economic slowdown pushes Africa's biggest economy towa... Read More...

External Article
The African in Him
A Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1984, Desmond Tutu who is a archbishop of Cape Town in South Africa came to USA and received an interview. He is talking about what today's world wants. (The Atlantic, 01... Read More...

External Article
Ballots vs. Bullets in Kenya and Zimbabwe
In countries like Zimbabwe and Kenya, bolstering African institutions and pressuring them to uphold their protocols on human rights, elections and good governance is the best path to democracy. By Bri... Read More...

External Article
Nongovernmental Organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa
Published by The Swedish NGO Foundation for Human Rights and International Human Rights Internship Program, 1996. Read More...

External Article
Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa - COMESA
Promotes regional economic integration through trade and investments in Eastern and Southern Africa Read More...

External Article
Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)
UN regional commission to support economic and social development, foster regional integration, and promote international cooperation for Africa's development. Read More...

External Article
Minority Rights Group International
Working to secure the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and indigenous peoples worldwide, and to promote cooperation and understanding between communities. Read More...

External Article
New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD)
An initiative by African leaders designed to address the current challenges facing Africa, such as poverty, underdevelopment and the continued marginalisation of Africa countries. Read More...

External Article
Southern Africa Development Community (SADC)
An organization designed to harmonise economic development among the countries in Southern Africa. Read More...

External Article
Poverty in Africa
Online publication of the World Bank's Africa Region and deals with monitoring and measuring poverty keeps a Household Survey Databank, contains resources and support for people working to understand ... Read More...

External Article
Expel IMF/World Bank from SA
Discusses the effect of the IMF and World Bank on South Africa. South Africans have started protests against their involvement in South Africa, and the need for the IMF/World Bank to be expelled. By B... Read More...

External Article

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