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Thu. June 20, 2024
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International Affairs Forum
Social Media: Americas: Central America: Nicaragua

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for the Americas/Central America/Nicaragua Region

External Article
Measuring the Local Economic Impact of Tourism
During the last decade, the growth of international travel to developing nations grew by 94.4 percent, compared to a growth rate of only 34 percent for developed countries. This is notable number. Tur... Read More...

External Article
The President of Some Nicaraguans
The author discusses the recent electoral victory of Daniel Ortega and highlights some of the key policies pursued by the Sandinista leader in his first six months as the President of Nicaragua. By M... Read More...

External Article
Nicaragua Says It Will Destroy Missiles
Nicaragua will completely eliminate a stockpile of hundreds of surface-to-air missiles with no expectation of compensation from the United States. (The Miami Herald, 11/12/2004) Read More...

External Article
Democratic forces should unite
Nicaraguan democrats should put aside their political differences and resume the spirit of unity in order to defeat emerging revolutionary dialectics in Nicaragua, Carlos Alberto Montaner analyzes. (F... Read More...

External Article

External Article
After the Elections: Helping Nicaragua to Succeed
(Heritage Foundation, 12/12/2001)

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