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Islamic Finance: Growing Interest for an Interest-less System
In the light of the global financial crisis, Shawn Woodley analyses the role and prospects of the Islamic system of finance. (Diplomatic Courier, 4/6/2009) Read More...

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Linking Indonesia’s Small Farmers to the Global Supply Chain
The Australian and Indonesian Governments and IFC are working together to help small farmers in Indonesia improve their income by linking them to the global supply chain. (IFC, 03/12/2009) Read More...

The High Cost of Low Justice: The Democratization of Corruption in the Indonesian Judicial System
The High Cost of Low Justice: The Democratization of Corruption in the Indonesian Judicial System
Author discusses the impact of corruption on the Indonesian economy and Foreign Direct Investment. By Theodore T. Liebreich. (02/06/2008) Read More...

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Iranian nuclear issue is putting the region, global peace at risk
Mr. Perwita, dean of social and political sciences at Indonesian Parahyangan Catholic University, questions what role the Muslim world and particularly Indonesia can play in helping seek a solution to... Read More...

External Article
Why Indonesia needs a new politics
The author describes the increasing Islamicization of Indonesia as well the political response to this trend. By Michael Vatikiotis. (International Herald Tribune, 6/19/2006) Read More...

External Article
Al Qaeda's Smart Bombs
The author examines the nationality and background of bin Laden sponsored terrorists who killed themselves since 1995. More importantly, he looks at the nationality of their targets to reveal a patte... Read More...

External Article
Pirates get cut-throat in strait
Already financially stretched governments in the Malacca Strait continue to face the problem of piracy in this critical maritime passage. Though there was a lull in piracy incidents after the late-20... Read More...

External Article
A Task Unfinished in East Timor
Although the UN has been promoting peace and democracy in East Timor since 1999, these ideas have yet to take hold in a country poisoned by oppression, violence, abuse and dictatorship. By Nathaniel M... Read More...

PDF document
Policy Review Report: Early Childhood Care and Education in Indonesia
With a 20% gross enrolment rate in pre-primary education, Indonesia ranks low among low-income countries. Regional gaps in access between rural and urban areas are pronounced, particularly in educat... Read More...

External Article
Indonesia's Quiet Revolution
Beyond headlines dominated by terrorist cells and separatist insurgencies, the world's largest majority-Muslim country has undergone a profound transformation in recent years. By Lex Rieffel. (Foreig... Read More...

External Article

External Article
Military Engagement with Indonesia in the War on Terrorism
The Bush Administration's proposal to provide $8 million to train a "counterterrorism unit" in Indonesia is appropriately modest and contains sufficient safeguards to protect the integrity of the cong... Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Crisis in East Timor
The end of Indonesian rule in East Timor was as traumatic as its beginning 24 years ago. (2/17/2000) Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Bali Terror Attack
News and analysis surrounding Bali terrorist attack. (6/20/2003)

External Article
Aceh: The more things change ...
A critique of the CoHA agreement between Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement(GAM). By Lesley McCollouch. (Asia Times, 5/13/2003) Read More...

External Article
The Shape of Anti-Terrorist Coalitions in Southeast Asia
There are multiple groupings in the Southeast Asia region that claim an anti-terrorist goal. Several countries can claim to have deployed forces against terrorists but questionable efforts from other... Read More...

External Article
Jakarta Post (Indonesia)

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