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Sat. May 18, 2024
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IA Forum Interview: Linda Robinson
IA Forum Interview: Linda Robinson

Cynthia Iris interviews Linda Robinson on her new book,One Hundred Victories: Special Ops and the Future of Warfare (2013). By Cynthia Iris (11/04/2013)


Ending <i>Doormat Politics</i> In Somalia
Ending Doormat Politics In Somalia
Somalia is en route to recovery but will it just be another instance of squandered opportunity? By Abukar Arman. Read More...

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Somali Pirates Continue Reign of Terror Off African Coast
Article discussing effective means of combating piracy in Somalia.By Jim Kouri ( MND, 09/28/2008) Read More...

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Article on the incidence of piracy in Somalia. By Rami Khouri (Belfer Center, 11/24/2008) Read More...

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2009 Prospects for the Horn of Africa as the Power Vacuum Furthers in Somalia
The headline-grabbing raids by the Somalian pirates as well as the gains of the radical Islamist groups in the southern region - By Huseyin Akturk (Turkish Weekly Journal,03/24/2009) Read More...

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Just a glimmer of hope
After 18 years of strife, there is a small chance that a new Somali president and a new American one could make a fresh start (The Economist 02/26/2009) Read More...

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Failed States: Fixing a Broken World
Failing states continue to pose a threat to both their neighbors and the greater international community. A close examination of recent history reveals varying correlations between failed or weak stat... Read More...

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