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Mon. December 05, 2022
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Anti Immigration in Western Europe: Power of Symbols (Student Paper)
Paper argues that the issue of immigration in Western Europe has been captured by policy entrepreneurs on the political right. By Andris Zimelis, Univ. of Chicago. (3/4/2005) Read More...

PDF document
Toward effective multilateralism - The EU and the UN: Partners in Crisis Management
In his paper, Dr. Graham explores an important element of the European Union’s commitment to “effective multilateralism,” namely the increasingly close relationship between the EU and the United Natio... Read More...

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US, EU on Collision Course Over China
Two senior members of the United States Congress warned the European Union this week that the lifting of the 15-year arms embargo on China could result in a halt of US sales in military technology to ... Read More...

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European lawmaker plans resolution to protest Chinese law
A member of the European Parliament claims that the anti-secession law is merely a "political weapon" aimed specifically at Taiwan. (Taipei Times, 3/03/05) Read More...

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Beware of China's encirclement
The writer warns Taiwan that an amphibious assault is not all they have to fear from China, which is swiftly encircling Taiwan with its successes in the economic and cultural arenas. (Chong-pin Lin, T... Read More...

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Taiwan raps EU over plans to lift China arms ban
President Chen Shui-bian warned the European Union that repealing the arms ban against China would threaten the peace in East Asia, and also criticized certain European countries of upholding a double... Read More...

External Article
China, US ever at loggerheads over Taiwan
With its growing concern over China's growing military strength, the US continues to denounce China's anti-secession law as well as the EU's intention to repeal the arms ban, both of which could excab... Read More...

External Article
Soft Power, Hard Choices
Will China's growing economic prosperity translate into a growing military threat? (Melinda Liu and John Barry, Newsweek, 2/28/05) Read More...

External Article
Europe: How wide ? How deep? - A Russian View
Dr. Nadia Arbatova cautions that there is a danger of further ‘bureaucratising’ EU structures as the Union moves to implement its policies. She argues that the time is coming for the EU and Russia to ... Read More...

External Article
Towards the Big European House?
John Palmer, reflects on the serious challenges to the European Union as it faces the reality of functioning as a Union of 25, while looking ahead to securing a peaceful, stable and prosperous climate... Read More...

PDF document
The World Monetary System and External Relations of the EMU – Fasten your safety belts!
This article tries to point out some concrete areas of diversity of interest in the international consequences of the introduction of the Euro and analyzes the costs and gains from cooperation in diff... Read More...

PDF document
Does the EU cause domestic developments? The problem of case selection in Europeanization research
Europeanization research has evolved into a promising research programme and has benefited from its increasing linkages with general theories of the social sciences. The paper focuses on the problem o... Read More...

External Article
Eastern Enlargement and the future of the EU-25: A voice from Central Europe
The paper outlines four scenarios for the future of an ever-enlarging European Union. By Attila Agh (10/4/2004, European Policy Centre) Read More...

External Article
Europe: Ready to Take on the Transatlantic Partnership?
Richard C. Longworth reflects on the significance of the recent visit of US President George W. Bush to Europe and argues that the EU must now take on the leadership role in the transatlantic partners... Read More...

External Article
The EU and the Western Balkans: A Tale of Mutual Mistrust
Gergana Noutcheva argues that the EU’s relations with the Western Balkans is fraught with misunderstanding and distrust. Governments in the Western Balkans need to be convinced of the seriousness of E... Read More...

External Article
Security in the Wider Europe: The new role of NATO
Dr. Jamie Shea outlines NATO’s ambitions for the 21st century. NATO, the EU and the OSCE must coordinate their work more closely, particularly with respect to the Balkans. (9/27/2004, EIoP) Read More...

PDF document
Chasing Maastricht: The Impact of the EMU on the Fiscal Performance of Member States
This paper examines the impact of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) on the fiscal performance of EU member states. By Marius R. Busemeyer (7/6/2004, EIoP) Read More...

External Article
U.S. and Europe Drawing Closer Together
"The truth is that, on the eve of Bush's visit, the United States and Europe are drawing closer together--but not because Americans are aceeding to the wishes of Europeans. Our policies haven't change... Read More...

PDF document
The monetary framework after accession – a political economy analysis of ERM2
The paper discusses the framework of ERM2 (the exchange rate mechanism of EMU, the Economic and Monetary Union) and its suitability for accession countries / advanced transition economies. By Attila F... Read More...

External Article
Macedonia keen to start EU talks by 2006
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia wants to become the next Balkan state to start membership negotiations to join the EU - eventually joining the bloc in 2010. By Lucia Kubosova (EUobserver, 2/... Read More...

PDF document
Report shows racism in Austria
Council of Europe report on human rights in Austria says racism and racial discrimination still affect the daily lives of members of minority groups, and particularly of Black Africans, Muslims and Ro... Read More...

PDF document
Report shows racism in France
Council of Europe report on human rights in France says Muslims are up against an increase in racist acts and statements and access to education for children of immigrants and Travellers still needs t... Read More...

External Article
Council of Europe insists on need to monitor human rights in Russia
Europe's top human rights body said that Russia still failed to meet its standards and rejected a demand by Moscow to stop checking on Russian compliance of the 46-nation organization's code of ethics... Read More...

External Article
EU urged to maintain arms ban
The Bush administration is working aggressively to prevent the European Union from lifting its arms embargo against China, on the grounds of the country's unrepentant human rights background. (Bill Ge... Read More...

External Article
Forgetting Tiananmen: Eager To Rebuild Trade, EU Ignores Rights Violations
The writer examines the US's stance against the European Union's intention to lift the arms embargo against China, which does not place as much emphasis against China's human rights record as it shoul... Read More...

External Article
A trans-Atlantic storm over arms for China
While against the idea of the EU lifting the arms embargo against China, the writer outlines a set of procedures that should be followed by the EU. (Hans Binnendijk, International Herald Tribune, 2/09... Read More...

External Article
US House lambasts EU on China arms
The US House of Representatives voiced its opposition against the EU's intention of lifting the arms embargo on China, finally solidifying their opinion in a resolution on Wednsday. (Charles Snyder, T... Read More...

External Article
EU-China arms ban remains, for now
The writer examines the various stances those inside (and outside) the EU have taken on the arms ban against China, and analyzes the possible outcomes as such. (Axel Berkofsky, Asia Times Online, 2/3/... Read More...

External Article
Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, Georgia's Rose Revolution, the European Union’s decision to begin membership negotiations with Turkey... The importance of these events and their far-reaching effect on CI... Read More...

External Article
The Fiction of Harmonized Standards
The idea of harmonized safety standards for all asylum seekers in EU member states is fiction. The article about the immigration problems of the Union. By Martin Rozumek (Transitions on Line, Dec 8,... Read More...

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