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Sun. November 28, 2021
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External Article
Behind the Military Revolt
The calls by six retired generals for the resignation of Rumsfeld have created the most serious public confrontation between the military and an administration since Truman fired MacArthur in 1951, wr... Read More...

External Article
Bombs That Would Backfire
The authors argue that an attack on Iran would prove more costly and damaging to US interests than the current war in Iraq. By Richard Clarke and Steven Simon. (New York Times, 4/16/2006) Read More...

External Article
Drying Out the Insurgency
The author writes that coalition forces fighting the insurgency in Iraq must be vigilant about not attacking civilians who may be caught in the crossfire. By A.C. Grayling. (New York Times, 3/27/2006) Read More...

External Article
The State of Iraq: An Update
The war in Iraq is nearing its third anniversary and there is disagreement in the military's echelons about the successes there. By Nina Kamp, Michael O'Hanlon, and Amy Unikewicz. (New York Times, 3/... Read More...

External Article
A Top-Down Review for the Pentagon
Author says Defense Secretary Rumsfeld is incompetent to lead the US armed forces. By Paul D. Eaton. (New York Times, 3/19/2006) Read More...

External Article
Suppose We Just Let Iran Have the Bomb
Some experts in the United States — mostly outside the administration — have been thinking the unthinkable, or at least the undiscussable: If all other options are worse, could the world learn to live... Read More...

External Article
A Leaner, Meaner Military
As a member of the Defense Policy Board, Gingrich defends the Pentagon's Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR). By Newt Gingrich. (Washington Post, 3/4/2006) Read More...

External Article
A Fate Worse Than Guantanamo?
Umansky describes the predicament of the Guantanamo prisoners that have been released by the US back to their countries. By Eric Umansky. (Washington Post, 3/5/2006) Read More...

PDF document
IA Forum Interview: Ted Galen Carpenter
IA-Forum speaks with Ted Galen Carpenter about China, Taiwan, and U.S. policy in his new book, America’s Coming War with China: A Collision Course Over Taiwan. By Dimitri Neos (IA-Forum, 2/16/2006) Read More...

External Article
America Abandons a Friend
The author, a former Pentagon official, recounts his participation in an arms deal he made nine years ago with the former Moldovan defense minister, Valeriu Pasat. By E. Wayne Merry. (Washington Post,... Read More...

External Article
Special Ops Finds a Few Good Men
Estes Thomspon reports on the formation of a Marine Corp special forces unit. (Capital Hill Blue, 2/25/06) Read More...

External Article
IDF officer cancels study plans in UK
An Israeli Brigadier General cancels has canceled his planed studies at a War College in the UK for fear that he may be brought up on War Crimes. (Jerusalem Post, 2/26/06) Read More...

External Article
The trouble with China's nuclear doctrine
Larry Wortzel analyses the disturbing changes taking place in Chinese nuclear doctrine. (Janes Defense Weekly, 2/16/06, $) Read More...

External Article
Directed energy lasers - fact or fiction?
Bill Sweetman reports on the development of lasers and the likely hood of their use on the battlefield in the near future.(Janes Defense Weekly, 2/16/06, $) Read More...

PDF document
Department of Defense's Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR)
The Department of Defense's Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) -- a review of DOD’s forces, resources and programs -- outlines the strategy for addressing critical issues such as budget and acquisition ... Read More...

External Article
Security Firms Try to Evolve Beyond the Battlefield
Private Military Corporations are increasingly expanding the number of fields in which they operate.(Renae Merle, Washington Post, 1/17/06) Read More...

External Article
China, the US, and Battle to Lead a Globalized World
German journalists Frank Hornig and Wieland Wagner are skeptical about America's chances in a battle with China for economic superiority. (Der Spiegel 2/3/06) Read More...

External Article
Fighting Ourselves in Falluja
The author writes that confusion between the military and civilian US commanders in Iraq after the war led to strategic mistakes that have fueled the insurgency and prolonged the war in Iraq. By Bing ... Read More...

External Article
Our Domestic Intelligence Crisis
Author writes that the Defense Department is deeply involved in domestic intelligence, with the National Security Agency conducting electronic surveillance of US citizens domestically, outside the fra... Read More...

External Article
No More Blank-Check Wars
The two authors argue that the US should only wage wars declared by Congress, as the Constitution stipulates. By Leslie H. Gelb and Anne-Marie Slaughter. (Washington Post, 11/8/2005) Read More...

External Article
Editorial: US must alter its approach to Taiwan
The writer urges the US to take a more concrete approach to Taiwan's repeated failure to pass the special arms procurement bill. (Taipei Times, 9/30/05) Read More...

External Article
US admiral urges Taiwan to arm
The new commander of US forces in Asia and the Pacific, Admiral William Fallon, has urged the Taiwanese forces to acquire more strictly defensive weapons. (Richard Halloran, 09/25/05) Read More...

External Article
Taiwanese official urges Japan to speak for Taiwan
A Taiwanese official claims that Japanese support is needed not only to help Taiwan gain an active UN role, but also for the sake of the region's stability. (Taipei Times, 9/19/05) Read More...

External Article
Defining Down Mental Illness
Discusses the deteriorating mental health of US soldiers after coming home from the war in Iraq. By Sally Satel, M.D., Christina Hoff Sommers. (AEI 8/15/05) Read More...

External Article
The War against Reserves
Discusses the pros and cons of having reserve troops. By Frederick W. Kagan. (AEI 8/12/05) Read More...

External Article
Hell Is Over
A war correspondent and former U.S. marine discusses various events occuring within Iraqi Kurdistan. By Michael Rubin. (AEI 6/29/05) Read More...

External Article
Chinese, Russian Militaries To Hold First Joint Drills
Chinese and Russian military forces will hold their first combined exercise. The possible goals of this exercise appear to be to strengthen their alliance in the face of the U.S. presence in Central ... Read More...

External Article
Lessons for an Exit Strategy
Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger analyzes exit strategies for Iraq. By Henry Kissinger. (Washington Post, 8/12/2005) Read More...

External Article
Defense Reform in Europe
Discusses the war in Iraq and necessary reform of Polish military policies. By Radek Sikorski. (AEI 8/10/05) Read More...

External Article
Behind the Curve in Culture-Centric Skills
Discusses the Navy's skills in understanding foreign languages. By Chris Davis. (AEI 7/26/05) Read More...

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