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Thu. December 08, 2022
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External Article
The New Military Frontier: Africa
Article discussing U.S military operations in Africa and the challenges facing AFRICOM initiative. By Emira Woods (Foreign Policy In Focus, 09/18/2007) Read More...

External Article
Shadow Wars
The Bush administration is gone, but covert operations are still going on, writes Conn Hallinan. (Foreign Policy In Focus, 05/26/2009) Read More...

External Article
North Korea’s Nuclear Tantrum
North Korea’s decision to conduct another nuclear test is a new chapter in leader Kim Jong Il’s fight for recognition, writes Shim Jae Hoon. (Yale Global, 05/28/2009) Read More...

External Article
If We Lose Hearts and Minds, We Will Lose The War
Success against the Taleban requires a genuine partnership with the Afghan people. By David Kilcullen (The Spectator, 05/21/2009) Read More...

External Article
AFRICOM: Wrong for Liberia, Disastrous for Africa
Article discussing U.S intentions behind the creation of AFRICOM. By Ezekiel Pajibo and Emira Woods (Foreign Policy in Focus, 07/26/2007) Read More...

External Article
Africom Stands Up
Article illuminating the composition of Africom's staff and it's mission. By Colonel Robert Killebrew (Small Wars Journal, 10/08/2008) Read More...

External Article
What's Up With North Korea
John Feffer analyses North Korea's rocket launch and considers prospects for the future. (Foreign Policy in Focus, 4/5/2009) Read More...

External Article
Nerves On Test
No political solution is in sight to conflict in Sri Lanka even as the prolonged war spells misery to hapless citizens caught in the crossfire. By B. Murlidhar Reddy (Frontline, 04/11/2009) Read More...

External Article
Dancing To The Terrorists' Tune
The lack of faith between India and Pakistan is preventing a concerted effort to combat terrorist threats. By Jawed Nazvi (DAWN, 04/02/2009) Read More...

External Article
Russia and Iran's Missiles
Even though Moscow claims to welcome the Obama administration's initiative to engage in direct talks with Iran, it is unlikely to alter its public stance that Iran is neither building a nuclear weapon... Read More...

External Article
Kyrgystan's Sharp Turn Toward Moscow
Kyrgyzstan's announcement that it plans to close the U.S. air base in Manas changes the security playing field in Central Asia. By Alexander Lukin. (The Moscow Times, 02/06/2009) Read More...

External Article
A Balanced Strategy
Secretary of Defense asserts that the U.S. cannot modernize its conventional forces to deal with future near peer threats at the cost of disregarding the capabilities necessary to deal with the type o... Read More...

External Article
Building the Global Counterterrorism Network
The spread of the terrorist threat across the globe is identified by Michael Vickers (ASD/SOLIC&IC) as the long-term strategic challenge in the GWOT. He asserts it is primarily an intelligence war an... Read More...

External Article
Obama inheriting broad covert ops policies
Some predict that in order to maintain flexibility and not hamper the ability of intelligence and military to combat terrorists, President-elect Obama is unlikely to rescind Bush’s directive allowing ... Read More...

External Article
The counterterrorism paradox
The author asserts that the military actions-side of the War on Terror has done little to diminish the terrorist threat to the U.S. He advocates a more ‘subtle’ global strategy, one that develops all... Read More...

External Article
Venezuela’s Military in the Hugo Chávez Era
Chávez has used his “petro-dollars” to upgrade his nation’s military, mostly through the purchase of Russian-weaponry, and has implemented a foreign policy that is breathtaking in its sweep and novelt... Read More...

External Article
How to Leave a Stable Iraq
The situation in Iraq is improving. With the right strategy the United States will eventually be able to draw down troops without sacrificing stability. By Biddle, O'Hanlon & Pollack (Foreign Affairs,... Read More...

External Article
The Bomb in the Basement
The author argues that should Iran come close to becoming a nuclear power, Isreal will need to adopt its stance on its own nuclear arsenal from one of ambiguos non-disclosure to one of defensive but t... Read More...

External Article
Colombia: after a miraculous rescue
The release of Ingrid Betancourt is a stunning blow to her captors - and a lesson to her liberators, says Adam Isacson. (Open Democracy, 07/07/2008) Read More...

IA-Forum Interview: Dr. John J. Tierney, Jr.
IA-Forum Interview: Dr. John J. Tierney, Jr.
IA-Forum speaks with Dr. John J. Tierney, Jr. about American interventionism and his book, "Chasing Ghosts". (IA-Forum, 11/16/2007) Read More...

External Article
Europe Based Antimissile System: Defense We Just Don't Need (Yet)
An editorial on why a U.S. planned missle defense shield in Europe is not worth creating political turmoil with Russia By Michael E. O'Hanlon (Brookings Institute, 05/17/2007 Read More...

External Article
For Success in Iraq, US Forces Must Out-Innovate Insurgents
The author argues that US forces must adopt a bottom-up approach to tactical innovation in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing tactics of modern insurgents. By Guy Ben-Ari and Shawn Brimley. ... Read More...

PDF document
Plans for a Post-‘Surge’ Iraq
Detailing a gradual disengagement plan for Iraq, post troop surge. By Steven N. Simon (Council on Foreign Relations, 02/09/2007) Read More...

External Article
End of Days?
The state of the U.S. military; projecting power and how President Bush's goal of reasserting American dominance in the Middle East has failed. By Michael Hirsh (Newsweek, 31/07/2006). Read More...

External Article
To Disarm Shadowy Guerrilla Army, Israeli Air Power May Not Be Enough
The limited effectiveness of air power and military power in general in Israel's pursuit of security. By Thom Shanker (The New York Times, 20/7/2006). Read More...

External Article
How to stop the Darfur genocide
Discusses the prospects for NATO intervention in Darfur, and argues that it is our moral responsibility. (The New Republic, 6/12/06) Read More...

PDF document
The Weaponization of Space: U.S. Strategy in Global Context
This speech considers how the Bush administration has expanded plans for the weaponization of space, and critiques this expansion. By Wade L. Huntley, Ph.D. (Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC, 26/0... Read More...

External Article
The Russian Nuclear Arsenal
This case study examines evolution of the Russian nuclear forces since the fall of the Soviet Union in the context of adjusting the size and role of the nuclear arsenal to the requirements of the po... Read More...

External Article
Young Officers Join the Debate Over Rumsfeld
Junior and midlevel officers are discussing whether the war plans for Iraq reflected unvarnished military advice, whether the retired generals should have spoken out, whether active-duty generals will... Read More...

External Article
Special Ops Finds a Few Good Men
Estes Thomspon reports on the formation of a Marine Corp special forces unit. (Capital Hill Blue, 2/25/06) Read More...

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