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Thu. May 26, 2022
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Social Media: Economics: International Trade

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for the Economics/International Trade Topic

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Why Deficits matter?
In-Depth article that looks at what affect the U.S. budget deficit may have on the domestic economy and what implications this has on the world economy as a whole. By, Menzie Chinn and Benn Steil (Int... Read More...

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Oil: The heat is off
Article looks at a recent drop is oil prices and OPEC's subsequent response. Author also describes the effect lower oil-prices may have in mitigating a foreseen economic slowdown in the United States.... Read More...

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The Case for Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements
Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements are presented in a mock memorandum as a way to promote American influence and principles in Asia while counterbalancing China’s increasing role. By Sherm... Read More...

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Defeat Terror With Trade
The United States can burnish its credentials as "exemplar of freedom" in the world by explaining that economic freedom as exemplified by free trade is the first, possibly best "weapon" against terror... Read More...

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Building Better Institutions
Article of recent speech by IMF Head Rodrigo Rato, looks at the importance of well-functioning institutions as the key to development in the third world. By Rodrigo Rato. (The Cato Institute, Summer, ... Read More...

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Really Big Oil
Article looks at the real suppliers of oil, not large multinational corporations, but rather, nationally owned oil companies that control many of the actual reserves. Author observes how these state o... Read More...

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Cuba foils embargo, helped by benefactor, Venezuela
Article looks at how Cuba's economy, despite years of U.S. sanctions, is currently relatively healthy because of aid from Venezuela. Author observes what looks to many like a trade alliance of ideolog... Read More...

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The future of globalisation
Author looks at the most recent collapse in world trade talks, known as the Doha round. Article also explains why the negotiations failed in what it calls the biggest threat to free-trade yet. (The Ec... Read More...

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Decision time for the Doha trade round
Article describes the furthering breakdown of international trade talks as WTO deadlines pass. A new proposition on agricultural tariffs and subsidies, called the 20/20/20 deal, is also mentioned and ... Read More...

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Lamy calls for trade deal revival
Article looks at the WTO boss' calls to revive a push for trade liberalisation. Comments come as countries fail to meet the Doha round's deadline for the third year in the running. (BBC, 05/01/06) Read More...

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Reshaping the IMF
Article looks at recent trends in the World Economy and how this is forcing the IMF to rethink its role. (The Economist, 20/04/06) Read More...

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As Hu heads to U.S., China eases currency rules
Author writes that as China's top leader heads to Washington D.C., the country's moves to ease its currency regulations is more due to economic concerns at home than American pressure. By Richard Latk... Read More...

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EU-China tariff war hits shoes
Article focuses on a looming trade dispute between China and the European Union that highlights shoe manufacturing as a source of conflict. (The Guardian, 4/7/06) Read More...

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Japan eyes huge Asia trade bloc
The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry states that it wishes to create a Pan-Asian Free Trade Zone that would include China and India, the world's largest emerging markets.(BBC, 4/4/2006... Read More...

External Article
The Black Man's Burden
Dr. Gary K. Busch breaks down the cost poor infrastructure has on African development. (Ocnus.net, 3/21/06) Read More...

External Article
US needs to get its own economic house in order
A Chinese perspective on America's current account deficit. By Danyang Xie. (China Daily, 3/28/06) Read More...

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Crude Benchmark Analysis
Crude Benchmark's have progressively become heavier and more sour over time, with severe implications for world fuel markets. (Platts, 2/23/06) Read More...

External Article
China calls for negotiation over trade conflict
The China Daily reports on the growing trade conflict between China and the United States(China Daily, 2/16/06) Read More...

External Article
China, the US, and Battle to Lead a Globalized World
German journalists Frank Hornig and Wieland Wagner are skeptical about America's chances in a battle with China for economic superiority. (Der Spiegel 2/3/06) Read More...

External Article
Women Hold the Key
The Guardian examines the growing importance of women in the future of Iran. But is there more to it than that? With a wave of new leadership of women like Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf (Liberia), Angela Me... Read More...

External Article
Trade battle starts in Hong Kong
Six days of world trade talks have begun in Hong Kong amid clashes between police and protesters, some of whom have managed to enter the conference. (BBC News, 12/13/2005) Read More...

External Article
Confronting China's Bureaucracy on Its Own Terms
Discusses China's trade agreements with the US.By Lawrence B. Lindsey. (AEI 8/12/05) Read More...

External Article
What ECB Has to Do to Lift Sluggish Eurozone
Discusses the ECB's plan for growing oil prices, inflation, and various other economic problems. By Desmond Lachman. (AEI 8/10/05) Read More...

External Article
Is Fear Driving Too Much of U.S. Policy?
Discusses trade relations between China and Unocal, as well as how the media has affected the international trading relationship. By James K. Glassman. (AEI 8/08/05) Read More...

External Article
CNOOC Episode Unites Protectionists and Hawks
Discusses China's withdrawal from bidding on Unocal. By Kevin A. Hassett. (AEI 8/08/05) Read More...

External Article
Fiscal Imbalances Point to Threat of Indian Debt Crisis
Analyzes Bimal Jalan's plans for economic reform in India. By Desmond Lachman. (AEI 7/20/05) Read More...

External Article
Wishful Thinking in Our Time
Discusses China's relationship with the US and WTO, as well as recent economic growth. By Dan Blumenthal, Gary Schmitt. (AEI 8/01/05) Read More...

External Article
Chinese Power Play
Discusses China's decision for trade with African countries in order to broaden their economic horizon. By Thomas Donnelly, Melissa Wisner. (AEI, 8/01/05) Read More...

External Article
Can the Fed Achieve a Goldilocks Tightening?
Discusses various economic problems within the US including: oil prices, housing costs, and inflation rates. By John H. Makin. (AEI 7/25/05) Read More...

External Article
Platinum Bonds
Discusses China's recent deal with Zimbabwe for rights to minerals in exchange for giving Zimbabwe finance in ferrochrome production, irrigation projects, power plants, and transport. By Roger Bate. (... Read More...

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