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Tue. December 06, 2022
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Social Media: Humanitarian/Social: Health

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External Article
HIV/AIDS and Human Security: A Focus on Women and Economic Security in Southern Africa
Author analyzes the AIDS/HIV issue in southern Africa and offers policy recommendations towards combating its effect there. By Elizabeth Armstrong-Mensah, PhD. (04/21/2010) Read More...

External Article
The Yuan Underrated, China Overrated
America is driven by innovation. China, running like a madman, still lags far behind on this issue and relies more heavily on industry and agriculture. China needs to change, in order to let its peop... Read More...

PDF document
Paper: The Web of Health Diplomacy
Provides analysis of the Greco-Turkish and Palestinian-Israeli cooperation model in public health and explores development of a health diplomacy model based on the Kantian peace model. By Dr. Muhiudd... Read More...

PDF document
State of Denial: Why Japan Needs to Face Up to Its AIDS Problem
Author presents a critical analysis of the AIDS issue in Japan. By Trenton Truitt. (IA-Forum, 1/19/2007) Read More...

External Article
And in Another, AIDS in Retreat…
AIDS prevention efforts in Thailand have proved successful with its 100% Condom Campaign, stemming the spreading of the disease in the illegal but popular commercial sex industry. AIDS prevention eff... Read More...

External Article
On One Country, AIDS on the Rampage
The failure of Swaziland to recognize AIDS was what gave it the world’s largest prevalence, with deaths on a large scale appearing in 2000. By Alan Brody. (New York Times, 8/12/2006) Read More...

External Article
Get French or Die Trying
The author writes that the nightly riots spreading across France have little to do with Islam, but reflect the ongoing alienation of the society's underclass. By Olivier Roy. (New York Times, 11/9/200... Read More...

External Article
AIDS: The Strategy Is Wrong
Holbrooke laments that the war on AIDS is not being won. By Richard Holbrooke. (Washington Post, 11/29/2005) Read More...

External Article
The Flu's Second Front
The author urges widespread vaccination against the bacteria that cause pneumonia as part of an effective pandemic flu prevention program. By Michael Alderman. (New York Times, 11/30/2005) Read More...

External Article
A Shot at Justice
The author writes that President Bush's proposed $7.1 billion plan for fighting avian pandemic flu is flawed in its provision for manufacturer liability and victim compensation. By Dirk Olin. (New Yor... Read More...

External Article
To Fight the Flu, Change How Government Works
Bush's plans to fight bird flu are commendable, but the authors say they won't work because of the current bureaucratic structure of the government. By Newt Gingrich and Robert Egge. (New York Times, ... Read More...

External Article
Evolution Is in the Air
The author illustrates how viruses evolve into lethal strains for humans. Viruses and other pathogens do so in ways we can understand and, to some extent, predict. By Olivia Judson. (New York Times, 1... Read More...

External Article
Small Leaps or Giant Steps
Discusses medical advancements and what the FDA must do to further medical progress. By Scott Gottlieb, M.D.. (AEI 7/13/05) Read More...

External Article
HIV/AIDS in the Muslim World
Discusses why there is a growing prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Muslim World. By AEI Newsletter. (AEI 7/21/05) Read More...

External Article
Political Roulette and the Public Health
Discusses tthe Impact of Political Intrusions on Drug Development and the Consequence for America's Biodefense. By Scott Gottlieb, M.D.. (AEI 7/21/05) Read More...

External Article
Mired in the Past
Discusses Medicare and Medicaid, and how both systems can be transformed for the better without outdated, government defined prices and policies. By Newt Gingrich, James Frogue. (AEI 7/25/05) Read More...

External Article
Behind the famine footage
Once again, images of emaciated African children are showing up on television screens. Instead of pointing fingers, today's leaders, with all their wealth, promise and ingenuity, must find a way to pr... Read More...

External Article
Cleaning up Bangladesh's deadly wells
Safe drinking water is within reach for the 12 million people who currently rely on contaminated wells in Bangladesh. By Alexander van Geen, Kazi Matin Ahmed, and Joseph H. Graziano (New York Times, 8... Read More...

External Article
A First Step on African Aid
In the upcoming G-8 Summit in Scotland, President Bush must go beyond the usual rhetoric of promising hope to Africa, he must deliver. (New York Times, 14/06/05) Read More...

External Article
Hungry, and getting desperate
The food shortage in North Korea is reaching crisis levels. Worse yet the World Food Program, one of the only sources of food aid in the small communist state, is running out of donations. By Tony ... Read More...

External Article
Neither famine nor feast
Although President Bush's aid pledge to Africa and climate control rhetoric were viewed as unfavorably by many Europeans; at least their is still hope in debt relief for the poorest nations. (The Gua... Read More...

External Article
US convinced of Darfur 'genocide'
The US is standing by its claim that Sudan is committing genocide in the Darfur region, despite a UN report stopping short of using the term. (2/1/2005, BBS News) Read More...

External Article
Q&A: Peace in Sudan
The Sudan government and rebels from the south have signed the accords making up a peace deal to end 21 years of fighting. (12/31/2005, BBC News) Read More...

External Article
Many Unhappy Returns
Krugman writes that the numbers invoked by supporters of Social Security privatization do not add up, and for privatization to make sense, the devil is in such details. By Paul Krugman. (New York Time... Read More...

External Article
The Free Lunch Bunch
Krugman writes that the Bush Administration's plans for privatizing Social Security amount to little more than the nation taking out a huge loan, putting the money in mutual funds run by politically-c... Read More...

External Article
President of Fabricated Crises
President Bush manufactures crises to justify pursuing the goals he set before he took office, the columnist contends. By Harold Meyerson. (Washington Post, 1/12/2005) Read More...

External Article
Provides public affairs and legal information related to Europe (also includes some Middle East and U.S. info) Read More...

External Article
The Politics of AIDS: Engaging Conservative Activists
American evangelicals have put the fight against AIDS on Washington's map, even while clashing with other activists over strategy. Now all must unite behind a comprehensive approach stressing effectiv... Read More...

External Article
Foreign Assistance in an Aging World
Chronic ailments such as diabetes and heart disease will become far more widespread, placing great strain on health care budgets in developing countries. The focus of aid should change accordingly. By... Read More...

External Article
BBC In Depth: Famine in Africa
More than eight million people face starvation in drought-stricken Ethiopia, where one million people were killed by famine 15 years ago. (1/6/2003) Read More...

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