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Fri. February 03, 2023
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for the Middle East/Caucasus/Middle East/Iraq Region

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The Levin-Reed Amendment on Iraq: Cut in the U.N. and Run
The authors discuss the recent proposal to begin a major pullout of US troops from Iraq and argue that this strategy would have catastrophic consequences for future stability and progress in Iraq, con... Read More...

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Unifying Iraq
Donald Horowitz makes the case that the consequences of US withdrawal from Iraq are worse than remaining. He calls for a serious debate on the options available to the US, and to leave aside the poli... Read More...

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Dangerous Illusions: Peace-Processing Our Way to Disaster
The author describes the growing threat of Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East, particularly regarding the continued hostility of Hamas, the increased radicalization of Fatah, and dangerous Iran... Read More...

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Accepting Realities in Iraq
Gareth Stansfield examines how the presence of regional factions in Iraq has given rise to multiple internal wars and power struggles since the 2003 invasion, exacerbating other problems that Iraq can... Read More...

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The Dems’ Dirty Game in the Middle East
The author outlines the Democratic Party strategy of delegitimizing the Bush administration and argues that it has dangerous implications in the Middle East, specifically advocating withdrawal from Ir... Read More...

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On Democracy in Iraq
The author describes the progress made by Shiite-led democratic forces, the need to support President Bush’s troop surge, and the dangers involved in a precipitous withdrawal of American forces from I... Read More...

External Article
The Status of Iraq: An Update
The author discusses the mixed results of President Bush’s surge of US troops into Baghdad, aimed at stabilizing the Iraqi capital. By Jason H. Campbell and Michael E. O’Hanlon. (Brookings Instituti... Read More...

PDF document
Humanitarian Space in Iraq?
Argues for increased international action to address the humanitarian crisis in Iraq. By S.R. Brophy. (IA-Forum, 03/11/2007) Read More...

External Article
Enabling Kurdish Illusions
The author argues that a federal system in Iraq based on sectarian differences will be ineffective. The author also suggests that the US needs to pressure Massoud Barzani and the Kurdistan Regional G... Read More...

PDF document
Iraqization - Not Democratization
Analysis of the Iraq conflict and call to reinspect democratization policy efforts. By Alan Hootnick. (2/5/2007) Read More...

PDF document
'Shia Democracy’: Myth or Reality?
Paper that discusses the notion of Shias as democratisers. By Sreeram Chaulia. (01/05/2007) Read More...

External Article
Saudi Arabia’s Own Iraq Nightmare
The author describes Saudi Arabian interests in Iraq, its competition with Iran for regional influence, and the possibility of the Gulf kingdom funding Sunni insurgents groups in Iraq. In order to en... Read More...

External Article
For Success in Iraq, US Forces Must Out-Innovate Insurgents
The author argues that US forces must adopt a bottom-up approach to tactical innovation in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing tactics of modern insurgents. By Guy Ben-Ari and Shawn Brimley. ... Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: Assist. Prof. Colin Kahl
IA-Forum speaks with Assist. Prof. Colin Kahl about how the US is fighting the war in Iraq and improvements in the way it fights. By Stefan Daniels. (IA-Forum, 12/5/2006) Read More...

PDF document
Plans for a Post-‘Surge’ Iraq
Detailing a gradual disengagement plan for Iraq, post troop surge. By Steven N. Simon (Council on Foreign Relations, 02/09/2007) Read More...

External Article
A Skeptic’s Case for the Surge
The author rejects the position that opposes the surge of US troops into Baghdad and argues why Congress should support President Bush’s new Iraq policy. By Michael O’Hanlon. (Brookings Institution,... Read More...

Operation “Freedom From Iraq”
Operation “Freedom From Iraq”
Even the most idealistic of Iraq’s partisans can’t weigh the mountain of dead against the nation’s “messy freedom” and find solace. The President concedes that regional terror is up, Iran and Syria e... Read More...

External Article
Key Trends to Watch in Iraq
The author identifies some of the important variables in Iraq that will affect the future of the country and the effectiveness of US strategies. By Jeffrey White. (Washington Institute for Near East... Read More...

PDF document
Bush Might Want Another Go at “Democratizing” Iraq
Author critiques possible US troop increases. By Claude Salhani. (IA-Forum, 12/22/2006) Read More...

PDF document
Shimon Peres Conference at Sciences-Po Paris
Report on Shimon Peres' event at Science-Po Paris. By Youri Tessier-Stall. (IA-Forum, 12/14/2006) Read More...

External Article
Forget the Domino Theories
The author rejects the notion that different issues throughout the Middle East are linked together. By Robert Satloff. (Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 12/19/2006) Read More...

External Article
Endangered Advisers
Author says the Iraq Study Group’s advice to increase the number of advisers while decreasing the number of combatants will lead to disaster. By Andrew Exum. (New York Times, 12/10/2006) Read More...

External Article
Close the Bases
To stop the slide to civil war in Iraq, international mediators must negotiate directly with the Sunni insurgency that has been seeking talks with the US for three years; offer amnesty; roll back de-B... Read More...

External Article
Have Faith in Maliki
Stewart says progress can only come to Iraq if the US provides almost unconditional economic and political support to the elected president and allows him to rebuild his state without interference or ... Read More...

PDF document
Intenational Affairs Forum Interview: Peter Beinart and Scott McConnell
Peter Beinart, editor-at-large of the New Republic and Scott McConnell, current editor of The American Conservative, discuss questions about the UN and US foreign policy. By Jason Miks. (IA-Forum, 1... Read More...

External Article
This Is Realism?
Why the “new” ideas concerning the Iraq War do not represent Realism or a viable solution to the conflict. By Charles Krauthammer (Washington Post, 12/01/2006) Read More...

External Article
The Saddam Verdict and the Insurgency
The author explains how the death sentence of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein will serve to strengthen the Sunni insurgency in Iraq. By Jeffrey White. (Washington Institute for Near East Policy... Read More...

External Article
A Plan for Iraq
Author says Iraq will not be a democratic state, but it has the potential to evolve into a central government with limited powers and, at the local level, some rough form of representation and toleran... Read More...

PDF document
International Affairs Forum Interview: Admiral Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret.)
IA Forum speaks with Admiral Bobby R. Inman, USN (Ret.), the Lyndon B. Johnson Centennial Chair in National Policy at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, former Director of the National Security Agency ... Read More...

External Article
The State of Iraq: An Update
The authors discuss the current status of Iraq in terms of economics, politics, security, education, and infrastructure. By Nina Kamp and Michael E. O'Hanlon. (Brookings Institution, 10/1/2006) Read More...

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