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Wed. December 07, 2022
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Social Media: Middle East/Caucasus: Caucasus: Afghanistan

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for the Middle East/Caucasus/Caucasus/Afghanistan Region

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IA-Forum Interview: Ambassador Haron Amin
IA-Forum talks with the Afghan Ambassador to Japan, HE Haron Amin. By Jason Miks. (1/25/2006) Read More...

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Muslim Societies Ready to Modernize - On Their Terms
The heads of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Jordan agreed that Islamic societies must be allowed to reform from within. (World Economic Forum, 1/27/2006) Read More...

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Keeping The Progress Going
After a short trip to Afghanistan and Iraq, Congressman Ford gives his appraisal of the situation. By Harold Ford Jr. (Washington Post, 1/21/2006) Read More...

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Russia has pursued a series of separate deals between the Caspian nations. Kazakhstan appears to be most receptive to Russia’s offer of closer economic and strategic cooperation. Read More...

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After "people-power" revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, the real tests for democratization in the region are yet to come. More complex challenges and potentially volatile transitions are ... Read More...

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An unstable kind of stability
Discusses how Islamic terror groups are effecting various nations throughout the world. By Husain Haqqani. (Carnegie Endowment 5/19/2005) Read More...

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Afghan Poppycock: Hamid Karzai's halfhearted jihad
Discusses an Afghan drug war. By David Bosco. (Carnegie Endowment 5/18/2005) Read More...

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How the U.S. shortchanged the war
The author argues that even in the midst of the London bombings, the U.S. is and has been sidetracked by Iraq. He states that this has diverted precious resources from fighting global terror as well ... Read More...

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We can't win this war the old way
The author argues that the current "war on terrorism" cannot be won by armies, but must be waged by skilled intelligence at home, a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, etc. By Timothy Garton A... Read More...

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Al-Qaeda has changed; Bush strategy also needs to shift
Retired General Clark argues that the U.S. must confront terrorism not only through intelligence and special operations, but by also attacking the ideology which promotes terrorism. He also advocates... Read More...

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Heavy Toll in Afghan Fight for Navy's Proud Elite
This article discusses the impact of recent U.S. Navy Seal casualties in Afghanistan. By James Dao (New York Times, 09 Jul 2005.) Read More...

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Should women be in combat?
The author discusses the question as to whether women should be permitted to serve in combat as well as the impact which the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have had on this debate. By Mary Delach ... Read More...

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Downed US Seals may have got too close to Bin Laden
The authors discuss the evidence that the downed special operations unit in a known Taliban stronghold may have gotten too close to a high priority target such as al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Ton... Read More...

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Al Qaeda's Smart Bombs
The author examines the nationality and background of bin Laden sponsored terrorists who killed themselves since 1995. More importantly, he looks at the nationality of their targets to reveal a patte... Read More...

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Uzbeks Threaten to Evict U.S. From an Air Base Near Afghanistan
The Uzbek government has threatened to evict the U.S. military from an airbase which supports operations in Afghanistan. This threat comes just days after a meeting of the Russia/China led Shanghai C... Read More...

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Fighting a Hard, Half-Forgotten War
A U.S. Marine batallion along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border has found itself continuously fighting off Taliban forces 3 1/2 years after the begining on this somewhat forgotten conflict. By N.C. Aiz... Read More...

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Karzai Asks Musharraf for Border Help
Pakistani leader Musharraf assured Afghanistan's President that they will continue to support efforts to secure the border where Taliban have traveled between, despite reports of Pakistan relaxing bor... Read More...

IA-Forum Interview: MG Abul Faisel and MG Habibi
IA-Forum Interview: MG Abul Faisel and MG Habibi
IA-Forum speaks with MG Abul Faisel, Minister of Inspector General and MG Habibi, Inspector General of the General Staff of Afghanistan about current issues there. Interpreter: Mr. Badi Badiozamani.... Read More...

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Challenge to Election Results is Subsiding ing Afghanistan
Update on Afghan elections. By Daan van der Schriek. (EurasiaNet, 10/12/2004) Read More...

External Article
European Abdication
Argues that European military presence in Afghanistan has provided mixed results. By David L. Bosco. (Washington Post, 9/7/2004) Read More...

External Article
Think Again: Al Qaeda
The mere mention of al Qaeda conjures images of an efficient terrorist network guided by a powerful criminal mastermind. Yet al Qaeda is more lethal as an ideology than as an organization. “Al Qaedais... Read More...

External Article
Afghanistan: Building a trade bridge from the ashes of war
Positive assessment of development in Afghanistan by Ashraf Ghani, Afghanistan's minister of finance. (International Herald Tribune, 5/10/2004) Read More...

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External Article
Afghan progress undermined by drugs
Unless checked, the drug trade has the potential to undermine Afghanistan's entire political and economic reconstruction process. By Dennis Kux and Harpinder Athwal. (Christian Science Monitor, 1/13/2... Read More...

External Article
The new tragedy in Afghanistan
A genuine chance to reconstruct the country is being squandered. By Conor Foley and Mark Lattimer. (Guardian, 12/10/2003) Read More...

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Jihad has worked - the world is now split in two
Discusses Bin Laden's objectives and status; and states that the resolution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict is the only immediate way of reversing the dangerous polarisation of the world that Bin L... Read More...

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Colombia in Kabul
Submits that unless adequate troops, arms and rules of engagement are made available to fight drug trafficking in Afghanistan, a corrupt narco-state, once again a base for terrorism, could emerge. By... Read More...

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A New Model Afghan Army
The Afghans have been slow to create a national army, and the international community has not helped much. The United States must jump-start the process before war breaks out again. By Anja Manuel and... Read More...

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America Discovers Central Asia
The September 11 terrorist attacks and their aftermath have spurred a renewed U.S. interest in Central Asia. Despite official rhetoric, America is likely to remain militarily engaged there for some ti... Read More...

External Article
Rescuing the Refugees
The world's focus in Afghanistan is shifting from waging war to picking up the pieces and helping the long-suffering Afghan people. But can action follow words? By Arthur C. Helton(Foreign Affairs, 3/... Read More...

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