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External Article
The Race for Iran
The author writes that by continuing to reject a "grand bargain" with Iran guaranteeing the nation's security and providing diplomatic relations and an end to sanctions in exchange for an end to Iran'... Read More...

External Article
Under the Veil of Ideology: The Israeli-Iranian Strategic Rivalry
The author argues that both Iran and Israel portray their rivalry in ideological terms in order to conceal their strategic competition. By Trita Parsi. (Middle East Report Online, 6/9/2006) Read More...

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Deterring and Containing Iran: A Near-Inevitable Task
The author explains why the deterrence and containment of Iran is both necessary and unavoidable. By Patrick Clawson. (Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 6/8/2006) Read More...

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Iran Connects the Dots- The Mullahs and the Global War on Terror
Author reflects on the death of Zarqawi and the trail of terrorism to Iran. By Michael A. Ledeen. (AEI, 6/9/2006) Read More...

External Article
Will America Attack Iran?
The author explains why an American attack on Iran is unlikely. By Philip H. Gordon. (Brookings Institution, June 2006) Read More...

External Article
Iranian Azeris: A Giant Minority
The author discusses the status and treatment of Iranian Azeris, a large minority in the Islamic Republic. By Ali M. Koknar. (Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 6/6/2006) Read More...

External Article
Facing Iran’s Challenge: Safeguarding Oil Exports from the Persian Gulf
The author explores the possible meanings and implications of the Iranian threat to disrupt the shipment of energy from the Persian Gulf. By Simon Henderson. (Washington Institute for Near East Poli... Read More...

PDF document
Understanding Ahmadinejad
Author examines the ideology and worldview of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and its implications for American strategy. By Ilan Berman. (American Foreign Policy Council, 6/1/2006) Read More...

External Article
Iran: International Pressure and Internal Conflict
The author discusses the domestic discontent with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. By Mehdi Khalaji. (Washington Institute for Near East Policy, 5/24/2006) Read More...

External Article
The Begin Doctrine at 25
The author argues that while the Begin Doctrine succeeded in Iraq it may not yield the same results in Iran. By Gerald M. Steinberg. (Jerusalem Post, 6/4/2006) Read More...

External Article
Spiegel Interview With Iran's President Ahmadinejad:
The Iranian President discusses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Iran's nuclear ambitions. By: Stefan Aust, Gerhard Spörl and Dieter Bednarz. (Der Spiegel, 5/30/2006) Read More...

External Article
US could benefit from a give-and-take strategy with Iran
The authors argue that instead of continuing with ineffective multilateral pressure, the US should engage in direct negotiations with Iran. By Clifford A. Kupchan and Ray Takeyh. (Council on Foreign... Read More...

External Article
The Persian Complex
The author writes that Iran's quest for nuclear technology rises from a decades-old search for international respect born from decades of colonial domination by the western Great Powers. By Abbas Aman... Read More...

External Article
Women hold the key
Bottom of Form 1 Women are the key to this upcoming Iranian election. Since the Revolution of ’79, Iran’s women have becoming increasingly better educated and have gained the right to vote. They wil... Read More...

External Article
Iran’s Motives and Strategies: The Role of the Economy
The author discusses the economic impediments that Iran will eventually face with its current nuclear policy. Additionally, the author argues that security inducements, rather than economic, will ult... Read More...

External Article
Iran's Friends Fend Off Action at the U.N. Security Council: Here's Why
The authors examine why Russia and China have protected Iran diplomatically at the United Nations Security Council from American and European criticism. The authors also suggest that based on Iran's ... Read More...

External Article
Cautious Iran
The authors argue that while Iranian policy towards Israel may seem extremely hostile and threatening, it is actually fairly regulated and cautious. By Steven Simon and Ray Takeyh. (Christian Scienc... Read More...

External Article
Playing to the Home Crowd in Iran
The author writes that similar to the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis that solidified the religious authorities' control over Iran, today's nuclear standoff with the United States and the West is intended... Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Transcript: General Anthony Zinni
Transcript of event featuring frormer United States Marine Corps General Anthony Zinni who spoke about military conflict and his new book, Battle for Peace. By Michael Loeb. (IA-Forum, 4/112006) Read More...

External Article
Time to Talk with Iran
Instead of talking about each other, it's time for the US and Iran to talk to each other about issues critical to both sides. By Robert E. Hunter. (Washington Post, 4/26/2006) Read More...

External Article
Iran's Sitting Duck
The arguments for using tactical nuclear weapons against Iran in an effort to destroy deeply-hidden or unknown weapons laboratories are invalid. By Michael Levi. (New York Times, 4/18/2006) Read More...

External Article
Bombs That Would Backfire
The authors argue that an attack on Iran would prove more costly and damaging to US interests than the current war in Iraq. By Richard Clarke and Steven Simon. (New York Times, 4/16/2006) Read More...

External Article
We Do Not Have a Nuclear Weapons Program
The author rejects the charge by the United States and some other western nations that it is seeking nuclear weapons. By Javad Zarif. (New York Times, 4/6/2006) Read More...

External Article
The Backlash Against Democracy Promotion
The Bush Administration's obscure message "democracy promotion" often thought as "regime change" by nations around the world. by Thomas Carothers (Foreign Affairs.org, March/April 2006) $2.95 fee Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: Ilan Berman
IA-Forum speaks with Ilan Berman (Vice President, American Foreign Policy Council) about Iran and his latest book, Tehran Rising. (IA-Forum, 3/20/2006) Read More...

External Article
Suppose We Just Let Iran Have the Bomb
Some experts in the United States — mostly outside the administration — have been thinking the unthinkable, or at least the undiscussable: If all other options are worse, could the world learn to live... Read More...

External Article
Pressure Grows on Iran's Hard-liners
Support for Iran's hardline politicians is not unanimous. (3/15/06, Der Spiegel) Read More...

External Article
Iran's Other Potential WMD: Crude Oil
Iran has another weapon at its disposal: oil. Iran's "oil weapon" may not be as worrisome as a nuclear weapon, but experts say it poses a very real and immediate threat to the world economy. By Eric ... Read More...

External Article
We Can Live With a Nuclear Iran
The author writes that the US and the world community would be able to contain Iran should that country acquire nuclear weapons. By Barry R. Posen. (New York Times, 2/27/2006) Read More...

External Article
Iran Moves Toward Deal With Russia on Uranium
Russia and Iran reach an agreement for the provision of enriched uranium from Russian reactors. By Nazil Fathi. (NY Times, 2/27/06) Read More...

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