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Sat. December 09, 2023
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Social Media: Economics: Globalization

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for the Economics/Globalization Topic

IA-Forum Interview: Prof. Wu Xinbo
IA-Forum Interview: Prof. Wu Xinbo
International Affairs Forum speaks with Professor Wu Xinbo about issues regarding China and Asia. By Stefan Daniels. (IA-Forum, 03/23/2007) Read More...

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Milton Friedman, Free Markets Theorist, Dies at 94
Obituary looks at the impact the late Milton Friedman had in forming modern-day economic policy throughout the world, as well as how his libertarian legacy lives on today. (NY Times, 11/16/06) Read More...

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Doha Round Failure: What Next?
In the wake of the failure of the Doha round, what does the future hold for world trade? What can, and should be done to get negotiations back on track? Read More...

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Why Deficits matter?
In-Depth article that looks at what affect the U.S. budget deficit may have on the domestic economy and what implications this has on the world economy as a whole. By, Menzie Chinn and Benn Steil (Int... Read More...

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Building Better Institutions
Article of recent speech by IMF Head Rodrigo Rato, looks at the importance of well-functioning institutions as the key to development in the third world. By Rodrigo Rato. (The Cato Institute, Summer, ... Read More...

External Article
The future of globalisation
Author looks at the most recent collapse in world trade talks, known as the Doha round. Article also explains why the negotiations failed in what it calls the biggest threat to free-trade yet. (The Ec... Read More...

External Article
Decision time for the Doha trade round
Article describes the furthering breakdown of international trade talks as WTO deadlines pass. A new proposition on agricultural tariffs and subsidies, called the 20/20/20 deal, is also mentioned and ... Read More...

External Article
Lamy calls for trade deal revival
Article looks at the WTO boss' calls to revive a push for trade liberalisation. Comments come as countries fail to meet the Doha round's deadline for the third year in the running. (BBC, 05/01/06) Read More...

PDF document
Globalization and Economic Development in the Third World: Hazard or Enhancement?
Examines the global economic integration and whether globalization will bring economic growth for Third World countries. By Karla Sosa. (5/2/2006) Read More...

External Article
The Globalisation Institute (London, UK)
The Globalisation Institute is a think tank founded in 2005 with the aim of examining how globalisation can be harnessed to work for the worlds poorest. Read More...

External Article
Poverty in Africa
Online publication of the World Bank's Africa Region and deals with monitoring and measuring poverty keeps a Household Survey Databank, contains resources and support for people working to understand ... Read More...

External Article
A Foreign Invasion
The economist reports on Canada's fondness for globalization and FDI.(Economist, 2/2/06,$) Read More...

External Article
Get French or Die Trying
The author writes that the nightly riots spreading across France have little to do with Islam, but reflect the ongoing alienation of the society's underclass. By Olivier Roy. (New York Times, 11/9/200... Read More...

External Article
The Political Economy of World Mass Migration: Comparing Two Global Centuries
Assesses how the economy effects global immigration. By Press Advisory. (AEI 7/15/05) Read More...

External Article
The Flow Approach to Labor Markets
Discusses the labor markets and various statistical data. By Steven J. Davis, R. Jason Faberman, John Haltiwanger. (AEI 7/14/05) Read More...

External Article
Fiscal Imbalances Point to Threat of Indian Debt Crisis
Analyzes Bimal Jalan's plans for economic reform in India. By Desmond Lachman. (AEI 7/20/05) Read More...

External Article
Wishful Thinking in Our Time
Discusses China's relationship with the US and WTO, as well as recent economic growth. By Dan Blumenthal, Gary Schmitt. (AEI 8/01/05) Read More...

External Article
New CEA Chairman Discusses Security in a Globalized Economy
Discusses what the CEA must to do to promote further economic growth inspite of opposing factors, such as growing oil prices. By AEI Newsletter. (AEI 7/21/05) Read More...

External Article
Stop, Thief!
Discusses how piracy is affecting the world's economy. By James K. Glassman. (AEI 7/25/05) Read More...

External Article
Why is China Growing So Slowly?
Discusses China's economic growth, and whether or not it should have happened more rapidly or less rapidly in the given time period. By Martin Wolf. (1/01/05) Read More...

External Article
Lifting All Boats
Discusses how China's rapid economic growth is affecting various other poorer nations. By Homi Kharas. (Carnegie Endowment 1/01/05) Read More...

External Article
Who's Afraid of China Inc.?
This article outlines the politics behind the recent bid by the Chinese controlled company Cnooc to purchase the American oil company, Unocal. The author explores weather trading partner for the Unit... Read More...

External Article
A Promising Direction for G8 Leadership
Discusses Russia's role with the G8. By Rose Gottemoeller. (Carnegie Endownment 7/8/05) Read More...

External Article
10 Truths About Trade Hard facts about offshoring, imports, and jobs.
Discusses the validity of the assertion that globalization is causing outsourcing. By Brink Lindsey. (Cato Institute 7/2004) Read More...

External Article
Outsource, Outsource, and Outsource Some More
Discusses the issue of outsourcing. By Daniel T. Griswold. (Cato Institute 5/3/2004) Read More...

External Article
The Biggest Rags to Riches Story Ever
Discusses the wealth of North of America. By Brink Lindsey. (Cato Institute 9/23/2004) Read More...

External Article
Blair tells Europe it must 'renew'
In the face of a budget and constitutional crises in the European Union, Tony Blair offers a way out in a recent speech. In his address Blair warned the EU Parliament, either embrace new members thro... Read More...

External Article
Bank probe reaches Russian mogul
Russian-Jewish media mogul Vladimir Gusinsky has been questioned by Israeli police as part of a probe into money laundering allegations. BBC News 4 April 2005. Read More...

External Article
Making Globalization Work
Economic globalization is proving a success, says the author. Trade has raised the income of poor countries, and even September 11 couldn't stop globalization's march forward. By Sebastian Mallaby. (W... Read More...

PDF document
Transforming Global Governance: From Nation States to International Institutions
The current period of globalization raises questions about the effectiveness of the nation state in the face of problems that increasingly transcend territorial borders. This paper aim is to explain w... Read More...

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