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Social Media: Economics: Globalization

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External Article
The Market Shall Set You Free
The author writes that the best way to spread freedom around the world is to draw tyrants into global commerce. By Robert Wright. (New York Times, 1/28/2005) Read More...

External Article
A Higher Realism
President Bush's inaugural speech signaled his entry into a third, more sweeping phase of foreign policy, the columnist maintains. During his first term, Bush moved from a pragmatism that sought to cu... Read More...

External Article
How to Survive in the Age of Globalization and WTO
Tony Lopez discusses how to survive during the age of global trade, and how to use it to your advantage and succeed. (The Manila Times. 12/3/04) Read More...

External Article
Novatek: A Gas Giant You've Never Heard Of
Novatek: An emerging Russian gas company seeks to sell shares to a French firm. Its rapid growth challenges the hegemony of Gazprom, the world's biggest gas producer. World wide gas prices may subse... Read More...

External Article
What GATS Means for a Global Career
Discusses the main principles of GATS (General Agreement on Trade and Services) and why India desires decreased limitations on trade and services. (The Economic Times, 10/11/04) Read More...

External Article
Expel IMF/World Bank from SA
Discusses the effect of the IMF and World Bank on South Africa. South Africans have started protests against their involvement in South Africa, and the need for the IMF/World Bank to be expelled. By B... Read More...

External Article
EU Leaders Pledge Support for Viet Nam’s WTO Bid
Vietnam might possibly become the newest member of the WTO. Article discusses EU's support for Vietnam's acceptance into the WTO. (Vietnam News 10/11/04) Read More...

External Article
World Bank's Wolfensohn Takes Aim at World Leaders' Pledges
Are the leaders of the world really doing enough to help the developing nations? Article discusses Wolfensohn's take on this issue, and what he thinks needs to be done. (Written by Judith Ziegler (Blo... Read More...

External Article
IMF, G-7 Seek `Bold' Changes to Protect World Economic Growth Amid Threats
Discusses the IMF, World Bank, and G-7's fear that the global economy will continue to worsen unless key issues are addressed. Written by Julie Ziegler (Bloomberg, 10/3/04) Read More...

External Article
What the IMF Boss Needs to Do
Robert Chote discusses what he feels the IMF needs to change in order to successfully help those who need it. He also discusses the factors that prevent this from happening. (BBC News, 10/1/04) Read More...

External Article
WTO and Agriculture
Discusses the United States and EU's disagreement over agricultural subsidies. Who will subsidies hurt and who will they help? By Devinda Sharma (Organic Consumers Association, 5/10/2004) Read More...

External Article
Removal of Textile Trade Quotas Urged
Discusses China's bid to remove its textile and apparel quotas. China speaks mainly to the developed countries, including the US. (China View, 9/24/04) Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: Trade Specialist Barry Schumacher
Barry Schumacher, former Director of Intergovernmental Relations for Puerto Rico's Federal Affairs Administration and advisor on trade issues to Senator Bob Graham, talks to IA-Forum about internation... Read More...

External Article
Russian FM welcomes Israeli cooperation on terror
Israeli newspaper reports co-operation and support to Russia in light of recent terrorist attacks. Also discusses foreign policy issues between the two states. (Haaretz International, 9/6/04) Read More...

PDF document
A World Without Power
Niall Ferguson argues that anyone who dislikes U.S. hegemony should consider the alternative, a world with no superpower at all. (7/1/2004, Originally published in Foreign Policy, republished with per... Read More...

External Article
The Chilean or Indonesian Model?
Disscusion of Russia's state and economic development, while considering factors such as oil, the EU, and the rule of law. By Christopher Weafer (The Moscow Times, 18/08/2004) Read More...

External Article
Will Yukos tax bill be a burden for us all?
Article focuses on the future of Yukos Oil and the global effects of its bankrupcy. By Conal Walsh (The Observer, 08/01/04) Read More...

External Article
WTO Takes Key Step Toward Trade Accord
Trade ministers agreed on a plan to end export subsidies for farm products and cut import duties. (Newsmax, 08/01/2004) Read More...

PDF document
View from Bulgaria: A Brief Look at Preparing for EU Accession and the Euro
Overview of Bulgaria and its preparation for accession into the EU and adoption of the Euro. By Desislava S. Chausheva. (IA-Forum, 7/26/2004) Read More...

External Article
International Economics Network
Excellent resource for economics, business, international law, biotech, and politics information. Also includes research papers. Read More...

External Article
U.S. turns heat on Russia in WTO entry bid
Criticism of Russian business methods. Discussion focusses on obstacles Russia faces before achieving its goal of 10 years, entering the World Trade Organization. WTO entrance would open Russian mar... Read More...

External Article
Is Russia really that scary?
Author discusses the Russian economy, in comparison to other Eastern European markets, and methods of investment to avoid potential losses. By Barbara Wall (International Herald Tribune, 06/07/04) Read More...

External Article
The rule of law, Russian-style
Shares in Yukos Oil go down following the court sentence and subsequent seizure of funds. One may look at this event as exemplary of the Kremlin's method to maintain hold of power. The court proces... Read More...

External Article
Russia's Contradictions
Editorial piece explaining that despite simplistic characterizations, today's Russia is a complex place with great progress mixed in with illiberal dangers. By Nikolas K. Gvosdev (The National Interes... Read More...

PDF document
The Ties That Fray: Why Europe and America are Drifting Apart
The factors that contribute to the weakening partnership between the US and Europe are analyzed. By Stephen M. Walt. (National Interest, No. 54, Winter 1998/1999) Read More...

External Article
How the G-8 can make a real difference
A proposal to assist developing nations. By Abdoulay Wade, president of Senegal. (International Herald Times, 6/10/2004) Read More...

PDF document
IA-Forum Interview: The Honorable Don Bonker
Mr. Don Bonker, former U.S. Congressman (Chairman of the House Subcommittee on International Economic Policy and Trade, senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee), talks about Iraq, Trade a... Read More...

PDF document
Germany and the United States After Iraq: From Alliance to Alignment
Author describes the deeper currents of change in the German-American relationship that go beyond the current leadership dynamics. By Stephen F. Szabo. (International Politics and Society, 1/2004) Read More...

External Article
Balancing America: Europe's International Duties
Article explains explains the current U.S. foreign-policy in terms of a profound transformation in the balance of power since 1990. It concludes that Europe is not in a position to form a counterweigh... Read More...

PDF document
Drifting Apart or Growing Together? The Primacy of the Transatlantic Economy
Study looks at the fundamentals of the transatlantic community and argues that the Europe and America can't afford a break in the alliance due to the intense transatlantic integration. By Joseph P. Qu... Read More...

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