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Bush Needs To Hear, Not Shun, World Critics
The Bush administration has correctly identified the promotion of democracy as a core focus of U.S. foreign policy. The Spanish election is a signal that such a policy will no longer work. By Stanley... Read More...

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Wisest Move: Leave soon
Discusses three primary reasons for ending the U.S. military occupation of Iraq. By Chris Preble. (Cato Institute, 3/19/2004) Read More...

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IA-Forum Interview: Prof. Dorothee Heisenberg
Prof. Dorothy Heisenberg (John Hopkins University) discusses the privacy policy Safe Harbor. (IA-Forum, 9/17/2004) Read More...

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Analysis: Kerry on Israel
A leaked draft of the Democratic Party platform and recent statements by John Kerry suggest that a Democratic White House would continue the Bush administration's enthusiastic support for Israeli Prim... Read More...

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The second presidential debate (Bush-Kerry)
The complete transcript of the Oct. 8 Bush-Kerry town hall debate. (MSNBC, 10/8/2004) Read More...

External Article
Iraq and Averages
Author writes that foreign policy analysts base their judgments about Iraq's future on recent episodes instead of historical precedent. The main planks of President Bush's policy-promotion of democrac... Read More...

External Article
Friends, Americans, Countrymen...
The writer compares a debate between Brutus and Anthony in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar over the future course of the damaged Republic and the debate between John Kerry and George Bush. By Stephen Gre... Read More...

External Article
Crisis Looms Due to Weak Dollar
The author addresses the increasing concern over the possibility of a new US dollar crisis. By Jiang Ruiping. (People's Daily, 9/28/2004) Read More...

External Article
Polls: Kerry won debate
A majority of Americans believe Sen. John Kerry won the first presidential debate of the 2004 campaign, putting him in a virtual tie with President Bush, according to polls released Saturday by Newswe... Read More...

PDF document
Transcript of Bush's U.N. Address
Transcript of President Bush's speech to the U.N. (9/21/ 2004) Read More...

External Article
Irresponsible Intelligence Reform
Current proposals to restructure intelligence agencies gravely threaten our civil liberties. By Kate Martin. (Washington Post, 9/29/2004 Read More...

External Article
The Venezuelan Oil Crisis
Last year's crisis in Caracas caught Washington by surprise, causing oil prices to skyrocket and exposing flaws in the U.S. ability to forecast and cope with threats to its oil supply. By Michelle Bil... Read More...

External Article
Misunderestimating Terrorism
Alhough terrorism is a top U.S. concern, the State Department's annual terrorism report was riddled with errors. If Washington wants to win the war, it needs to get its facts straight. By Alan B. Krue... Read More...

External Article
A Forward-Looking Partnership
The recent U.S. experiment in unilateralism has shown the limitations of "coalitions of the willing." Washington should reaffirm its commitment to the Atlantic alliance and act with others when it can... Read More...

External Article
The Neglected Home Front
The Bush administration has waged an aggressive war against terrorists abroad, but it has neglected to protect the homeland, even though Americans in the United States are the ones most vulnerable to ... Read More...

External Article
What Went Wrong in Iraq
Although the early U.S. blunders in the occupation of Iraq are well known, their consequences are just now becoming clear. By Larry Diamond. (Foreign Affairs, 9/1/2004, $) Read More...

External Article
How to Counter WMD
The Bush administration has done little to contain the spread of weapons of mass destruction, even as undeterrable nonstate actors grow more intent on obtaining and using them. By Ashton B. Carter. (F... Read More...

External Article
Riding for a Fall
Three long-term trends are threatening to bankrupt America: the burgeoning costs of waging the war on terrorism, the U.S. economy's increasing reliance on foreign capital, and rapid aging throughout t... Read More...

External Article
Match Iraq Policy to Reality
To achieve any degree of success in Iraq, the US must disprove many Iraqis' beliefs about our purpose there. By Jessica Mathews. (Washington Post, 9/23/2004) Read More...

External Article
A Solution for Chechnya
Putin must stop painting all Chechens with the 'terrorist' brush and strike a deal with moderate Chechen leader Aslan Maskhadov, who rejects radical Islam and embraces separation of church and state. ... Read More...

External Article
Administration backing off on Cuba's germ warfare ability
New intelligence report says, contrary to what was reported in 1999, that bio-weapons programs in Cuba are uncertain. (San Francisco Cronicle, 09/18/2004) Read More...

External Article
Far graver than Vietnam
Most senior US military officers now believe the war on Iraq has turned into a disaster on an unprecedented scale. By Sidney Blumenthal. (Guardian, 9/16/2004) Read More...

External Article
Stand Up to Putin
Author believes that President Bush must reinforce his laudable commitment to global democracy by standing up to Russia's Vladimir Putin. By Robert Kagan. (Washington Post, 9/15/2004) Read More...

External Article
Mean Season
Humanitarian and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel laments the lack of civility in American politics. (Washington Post, 9/14/2004) Read More...

External Article
Transatlantic Trends 2004
Transatlantic Trends 2004 is a public opinion survey undertaken annually to better understand American and European attitudes about a number of important foreign policy concerns. (German Marshall Fund... Read More...

External Article
Wrong Strategy On Iran
Argues that to defuse Iran's nuclear program, the U.S. should pursue not Bush's unilateralism or Bush's critics' multilateralism, but a bilateral agreement with Iran. By Ray Takeyh. (Washington Post, ... Read More...

External Article
Anti-Kerry Veterans' group now political machine with big budget
Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the Vietnam veterans group that set out this spring to make an issue of Democrat John Kerry's 1971 anti-war stance, has grown into a well-organized political machine wit... Read More...

External Article
'Texans for Truth' ad challenges Bush on Guard service
A group called Texans for Truth will release a TV ad today in which a former lieutenant colonel in the Alabama Air National Guard says neither he nor his friends saw George W. Bush when the future pre... Read More...

External Article
Galileo: Europe's Own Constellation
For years, the Galileo satellite navigation system was seen as a barrier to transatlantic relations. But the European Union's most-ambitious space project is now seen as a competitor and complement to... Read More...

External Article
Europe Must Exercise Both Soft and Hard Power
Europe must acquire more "hard" power by developing its capacity for military intervention, while the United States should give more credit to the diplomatic and economic weapons of "soft" power. By B... Read More...

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