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Sun. December 05, 2021
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External Article
Redefining the National Interest
NATO's poorly planned adventure in Kosovo has brought a critical question to the fore: just how should Americans define their national interest in the information age? By Joseph S. Nye, Jr.(Foreign Af... Read More...

External Article
Redesigning Foreign Aid
Washington must revamp its approach to aid and address new, urgent priorities: shoring up peacekeeping efforts in such places as the Middle East and the Balkans; easing the transition to globalization... Read More...

External Article
Restructure Aid to Colombia
For U.S. assistance to be truly effective, it must be consistent, comprehensive enough to counter attendant terrorism, and channeled to enable Colombian institutions to bear more of the burden. By Ste... Read More...

External Article
Sanctioning Madness
Sanctions are a huge slice of the U.S. foreign policy pie -- even cities employ them. Policymakers need to think harder before they rush to push the sanctions button. By Richard N. Haass. (Foreign A... Read More...

External Article
Sudan's Perfect War
Only the United States has the power and prestige to help end the violence in Sudan and push for a peace that would be in everyone's interests. By Randolph Martin. (Foreign Affairs, 3/1/2002, $) Read More...

External Article
Suicide From Fear of Death?
President Bush's case for war on Iraq overlooks a very real danger: if pushed to the wall, Saddam Hussein may resort to using weapons of mass destruction against the United States. By Richard K. Bett... Read More...

External Article
The (Ab)normalization of U.S.-Chinese Relations
Essay on history of U.S. - Chinese Relations. By Patrick Tyler. (Foreign Affairs, 11/1/1999, $) Read More...

External Article
The Real Roots of Arab Anti-Americanism
Promoting anti-Americanism is the best way Muslim leaders have found to distract their publics from the real problem: internal mismanagement. New U.S. policies or a PR campaign will not change matters... Read More...

External Article
With A Friend Like Fox
Vincente Fox has abandoned Mexico's tradition of nonintervention, leading his country to deeper involvement throughout the western hemisphere. Mexico's new diplomacy has great potential to improve the... Read More...

External Article
Strengthening the U.S.-Philippine Alliance for Fighting Terrorism
Washington should take advantage of congruent security interests, along with popular support for the U.S. military presence in the Philippines, to rebuild the U.S.-Philippine alliance to meet the need... Read More...

External Article
Overcoming the Stalemate on the Korean Peninsula
The Bush Adminstration policy seeks to create fundamental change in the way the North Koreans interact with the world. President Bush's message: they must learn to play by the rules of the internatio... Read More...

External Article
Responding to the Indo-Pakistani Crisis
Discusses the crises and concludes that a bilateral agreement reached freely by India and Pakistan is the best means to allow the people of Kashmir to live a future in peace. By James Phillips, Jack S... Read More...

External Article
U.S. and Europe: Terrorism and the Middle East
Panel discussion with Hon. Ruprecht Polenz, a member of the conservative CDU party in the German Bundestag and member of the Bundestag’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Dr. Phillip Gordon, Director o... Read More...

External Article
Homeland Defense: Issues and Challenges
Notes from a Nixon Center event with Warren B. Rudman (Nixon Center, 6/19/2002) Read More...

PDF document
The New National Security Strategy: Focus on Failed States
Focuses on the Bush Administration's need to address failed states in its National Security Strategy(NSS). By Susan E. Rice. (Brookings Institute, 2/1/2003) Read More...

External Article
U.S.-Russian Relations Threatened By Iraq Arms Sales
It is in the interest of both Russia and the US to stop acrimony over Iraq and focus on the future. To achieve this, the Putin Administration must “clean house” and take the culprits who sold banned w... Read More...

External Article
Star Wars Strikes Back
America is pouring billions of dollars into research and development, ignoring the fundamental flaws that missile defense has yet to overcome. By Michael O'Hanlon. (Foreign Affairs, 11/1/1999, $) Read More...

External Article
The Missile Defense Debate
The Bush administration claims national missile defense can protect the United States from long-range missiles fired by rogue states. But that threat is trivial, and Washington's unilateralist approac... Read More...

External Article
Fool's Gold in Alaska
Even putting environmental questions aside, refuge oil is unnecessary, insecure, economically risky, and a distraction from the real energy debate. Market solutions that enhance efficiency can provide... Read More...

External Article
How America Does It
Today the United States is more like Bismarck's Germany, developing alliances with everyone so that ganging up against it is impossible. But it will have to keep providing order and security for other... Read More...

External Article
In the Beginning: A Fresh Look at the Early Years of American Empire
Warren Zimmermann's First Great Triumph shows that a century ago Americans were already confronting many of the foreign policy issues on today's agenda. By Richard Holbrooke. (Foreign Affairs, 11/1/20... Read More...

External Article
Saudi Arabia: Over a Barrel
A key reason for today's skyrocketing oil prices is the behavior of one of America's closest allies: Saudi Arabia. America must push the Saudis toward privatization and fiscal reform. By F. Gregory G... Read More...

External Article
Bush Cuts Steel Tariffs, Declares Victory
By Dan Ackman (Forbes, 12/05/03)

External Article
U.S. Steel Tariffs
US tariffs on imported steel, imposed by the Bush administration, have been found illegal by the WTO. Mark Tran explains their history. (Guardian Unlimited, 11/11/2003) Read More...

External Article
The Bubble of American Supremacy
Argues that the heedless assertion of American power in the world resembles a financial bubble—and the moment of truth may be here. By George Soros. (The Atlantic, 12/1/2003) Read More...

External Article
How Saddam may still nail Bush
Speculates on Saddam Hussein's trial and possible revelations. By Pepe Escobar. (Asia Times, 12/19/2003) Read More...

External Article
Blame Taiwan
The fundamentals of the de facto U.S.-Taiwan alliance are still intact. Of course, if Chen Shui-bian persists in jeopardizing vital U.S. interests for personal political gain, they may not hold. Mr. ... Read More...

External Article
Washington Pursues Dangerous Policy in Venezuela
by Mark Weisbrot (Common Dreams News Center, 09/25/2003)

External Article
Dealing With North Korea: Does Bush Want Detente or Not?
Proposes that gov't hawks may be exaggerating the North Korean threat in order to perpetuate defense spending. (Center for International Policy, 8/3/2001) Read More...

External Article
Keep U.S. embargo on Cuba
U.S. embargo on Cuba weakens Castro deadly regime, and should not be lifted before the dictator's death leaves a huge power vacuum, analyzes Carlos Alberto Montaner. (Cubanet, 10/02/2003) Read More...

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