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Sun. December 05, 2021
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The United States of Science
One set of President Obama's 2011 budget numbers tackles the threat posed by ever-rising federal deficits to our country’s long-term stability, and the other set provides the financial wherewithal for... Read More...

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Slimming Down the Defense Budget
The federal government can and should do more to rein in spending on the investment portion of the defense budget, which still includes a number of outdated, over budget weapons systems. By Lawrence J... Read More...

External Article
The False Promise of Primacy: Debunking Robert Kagan’s Nostalgia for Bush-Era Foreign Policy
The unifying theme of President Obama’s domestic agenda is retooling America so it can prosper in the global economy, to the chagrin of Robert Kagan. By Nina Hachigian. (The Center for American Progr... Read More...

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Testing Time for U.S.-China Relations
President Obama’s conciliatory approach just postponed the already existing friction in U.S.-China relations. But like the times before, this rough patch will pass, too. The tone may have changed, but... Read More...

External Article
Addicted to Contractors
The United States is hooked on privatized warfare in Afghanistan. And it's more costly than you think. Read More...

External Article
First thoughts: Obama's Oslo speech
An MSNBC News feedback report on the speech Obama gave in receiving his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. By Domenico Montanaro. (MSNBC News, 12/09/2009) Read More...

External Article
Cap and Fade
President Obama is planning to announce the employment of cap-and-trade policy as a centerpiece of America's contribution to curb emissions. The plan, however, merely allows polluters and Wall Street... Read More...

External Article
Can an Unfree China Be Green?
President Obama has chosen to downplay the lack of freedom in China. By doing so, he gives up on a vital prerequisite for an effective, credible emission-control regime. By Lee Lane. (The American Ent... Read More...

External Article
Money Can't Buy America Love
Millions of dollars are being pumped into hearts and minds projects from Kabul to Kandahar. Trouble is, it's not working. And it might even be making things worse. By Andrew Wilder and Stuart Gordon. ... Read More...

External Article
Ending 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
The US Military needs to end their draconian bans of LGBT people in its military. By Lawrence J. Korb, Sean Duggan, and Laura Conley. (The Center for American Progress, 06/24/2009) Read More...

External Article
LGBT Issues in Health Reform
America needs to address the specific needs of its LGBT population in order to make it on-par with other Westernised nations that have government healthcare provisions. By Josh Rosenthal. (The Center ... Read More...

External Article
This I Believe (re: Afghanistan)
The author can’t agree with President Obama’s decision to escalate in Afghanistan, preferring a minimalist approach. By Thomas L. Friedman. (The New York Times, 12/01/2009) Read More...

External Article
Ten Reasons for Farmers to Support Action Against Global Warming
Farmers can benefit economically and be at the cutting edge of energy development while having their resources employed correctly. By Jake Caldwell. (The Center for American Progress, 12/02/2009) Read More...

External Article
Vision for Victory in Afghanistan - Part I
The news from Afghanistan all year has been dispiriting, and the last few weeks have been especially tough in terms of the violence. Yet most foreign and Afghan officials and officers who the author e... Read More...

External Article
Vision for Victory in Afghanistan - Part II
The news from Afghanistan all year has been dispiriting, and the last few weeks have been especially tough in terms of the violence. Yet most foreign and Afghan officials and officers who the author e... Read More...

External Article
Obama must rethink rethinking Afghanistan
Either way the President's decision goes, the longer America goes without his resolution, the costlier the stakes become. By Doyle McManus. (The LA Times, 11/15/2009) Read More...

External Article
‘Chimerica’ is Headed for Divorce
Can China successfully step outside the boundaries of its co-dependency with America? By Niall Ferguson. (Newsweek, 08/15/2009) Read More...

External Article
The U.S.-China Economic Relationship: Separating Facts from Myths
Re-examining typical assumptions of this bi-lateral relationship.

External Article
Manmohan Singh Visits Washington: Sustaining U.S.–Indian Cooperation Amid Differences
Brief on Indo-US relations in the context of Indian Prime Minister Singh's visit. By Ashley Tellis. (Brookings Institution, November 2009) Read More...

External Article
Equals at Last, for Better or for Worse
While no breakthroughs came out of the Barack Obama-Hu Jintao summit meeting, the U.S. president’s maiden trip to China will go down in history as a pivotal event in the relations between the two most... Read More...

External Article
'Strategic reassurance' that isn't
For an administration that has announced "we are back" after years of alleged Bush administration neglect in Russia and Asia, this is not a positive beginning. By Robert Kagan and Dan Blumenthal. (Th... Read More...

External Article
The Yuan Underrated, China Overrated
America is driven by innovation. China, running like a madman, still lags far behind on this issue and relies more heavily on industry and agriculture. China needs to change, in order to let its peop... Read More...

IA Forum Interview:  Bruce K. Rutherford
IA Forum Interview: Bruce K. Rutherford
IA Forum speaks with Dr. Bruce K. Rutherford about Egypt, US-Egyptian relations, and his book Egypt After Mubarak: Liberalism, Islam and Democracy in the Arab World. By M. Patel. (IA-Forum, 1... Read More...

External Article
‘Peak Oil’ Is a Waste of Energy
Peak oil is cast as largely rhetoric by an MIT-based energy consultant. By Michael Lynch. (The New York Times, 08/24/2009) Read More...

External Article
Taking his time on Afghanistan makes sense for Obama
A Brookings Institution analyst argues that taking the time to set Afghanistan on the best possible track for the establishment of a stable government is of utmost importance. By Michael O'Hanlon. (T... Read More...

External Article
Going Nuclear
This 2006 piece remains relevant to the current debate on the future of US and Global energy realities. By Patrick Moore. (The Washington Post, 04/16/2006) Read More...

External Article
Can Potential Incentives in Climate Bill Spur U.S. Nuclear Industry?
The political and fiscal realities of getting back on the road to being a nuclear energy leader by 2030 are discussed. By Kathrine Ling (The New York Times, 10/27/2009) Read More...

External Article
Is Joe Biden Speaking Through the Washington Post Op-Ed Page?
A piece questioning the relationship between the Vice President and Norm Kurz, Biden’s former communications director, in terms of Kurz's writings on Hamid Karzai. (Spencer Ackerman, The Washington I... Read More...

External Article
Pillars of the Next American Century
Henry Luce called the twentieth century 'The American Century'. James Kurth asks what the 21st has in store for American power. (The American Interest, Nov-Dec 2009) Read More...

External Article
A peek under the hood as the Times considers Obama's Nobel Prize
An electr0nic discussion by the LA Times editorial staff of President Barack Obama's 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. (The LA Times, 10/09/2009) Read More...

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