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Sun. December 05, 2021
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Immigration--and the Curse of Black Legend
Author traces the exploration of the western hemisphere and the Americas by the Spanish and the role of this culture in our own culture today. By Tony Horwitz. (New York Times, 7/9/2006) Read More...

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Send in the Advisors
The author writes that the US military advisors assigned to every battalion of the new Iraqi army are critical to the success of the US war effort, but criticizes the US for sending too few to do the ... Read More...

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Tax Inheritance, Not 'Death'
Instead of repealing or scaling back the estate tax, lawmakers should transform it into an inheritance tax. By Maya MacGuineas and Ian Davidoff. (Washington Post, 7/4/2006) Read More...

External Article
Preemption and North Korea
The authors discuss the threat from North Korea and explain why preemption is the wrong policy decision for the US. Rather, the US should offer Pyongyang a series of positive inducements as a means t... Read More...

External Article
A Secret the Terrorists Already Knew
The authors write that criticism of the administration's monitoring of international financial wire transfers and the Bush Administration's critique of its revelation in the press are all overblown. ... Read More...

External Article
Countering North Korea’s Missiles: The Missile Defense System the U.S. Should Have
The author explains why an effective missile defense system is the best policy for the US to use against North Korea. By Baker Spring. (Heritage Foundation, 6/21/2006) Read More...

PDF document
No Real Shift in U.S. Policy Towards Iran
Authors analyze history of US-Iranian relations and propose change in current US policy towards Iran. By Karin A. Esposito and Mahdi Ahouie. (IA-Forum, 6/21/2006) Read More...

External Article
Damage Study Urged on Surveillance Reports
Details a recent effort by Senator Pat Roberts to explore the effects of disclosing secret intelligence programs. The varying interpretations of counter-terrorism operations and their limits. By Scott... Read More...

PDF document
International Affairs Forum Interview: Milton Viorst
International Affairs speaks with Mr. Milton Viorst about his new book, Storm from the East: The Struggle Between the Arab World and the Christian West. (IA-Forum, 5/21/2006) Read More...

External Article
Our Black Future
The author writes that with America's bountiful supply of coal, some believe that new technologies to refine coal into diesel fuel are the key to America's energy independence. By Jeff Goodell. (New Y... Read More...

External Article
A Threat that Belongs Behind Bars
The continued political viability of the Guantánamo Bay camp is in doubt, author says. By Eric Posner. (New York Times, 6/25/2006) Read More...

External Article
Balkan Gains in Peril
The Bush administration has two incompatible goals: disengagement from the Balkans and the obligation to manage the political and security changes facing southeastern Europe in the near future. By Gor... Read More...

External Article
The Race for Iran
The author writes that by continuing to reject a "grand bargain" with Iran guaranteeing the nation's security and providing diplomatic relations and an end to sanctions in exchange for an end to Iran'... Read More...

External Article
Dealing with the Devil in Darfur
The US is backing the most abusive rebel leader in Sudan's peace talks, author says. By Julie Flint. (New York Times, 6/17/2006) Read More...

External Article
Good Reasons for Taxes
Article argues for the importance of taxes and discusses the implications tax cuts have for the American national debt. (by Diane Lim Rogers, Brookings Institution, 4/16/2006) Read More...

External Article
Hudson Institute
Public policy thinktank doing research and making policy recommendations in all fields of government and business. Read More...

External Article
Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN)
Coordinating organization for NGOs and thinktanks around the US which promote labor rights. Read More...

External Article
Economic Policy Institute
An economic policy thinktank which advocates a fair and sustainable economy, with a focus on the living standards of working people. Read More...

External Article
Continental Integration of Military Command Structures: A Threat to Canada's Sovereignty
The issue of continental integration of military command structures has been on the US-Canada agenda since April 2002. Until recently, it has barely been mentioned by the Canadian media. By Michel Ch... Read More...

External Article
Iran Connects the Dots- The Mullahs and the Global War on Terror
Author reflects on the death of Zarqawi and the trail of terrorism to Iran. By Michael A. Ledeen. (AEI, 6/9/2006) Read More...

External Article
Will America Attack Iran?
The author explains why an American attack on Iran is unlikely. By Philip H. Gordon. (Brookings Institution, June 2006) Read More...

External Article
At What Cost Israel-China Ties?
The author discusses how increasing ties between China and the Jewish state are serving to undermine and weaken the American-Israeli relationship. By P.R. Kumaraswamy. (Middle East Forum, Spring 200... Read More...

PDF document
International Affairs Forum Interview: Dr. Joshua Muravchik
IA-Forum speaks with American Enterprise Resident Scholar Joshua Muravchik and author of The Future of the United Nations: Understanding the Past to Chart a Way Forward, Covering the Intifada and Heav... Read More...

External Article
Iraq Is Europe's Business, Too
The author contends that Iraq is as much Europe's fight as it is America's. By George Robertson. (Washington Post, 6/4/2006) Read More...

External Article
And Now for Some Good News
The author details some seldom-reported good news about America. Social indicators such as violent crime rates have improved dramatically in recent years. By Peter Wehner. (Washington Post, 6/5/2006... Read More...

External Article
What America can learn from Israel's West Bank security barrier.
The author applies Israel’s experience with its fence to the proposed fence on the southern U.S. border with Mexico. How the “other” is affected, and more broadly whether a fence is warranted at all. ... Read More...

External Article
How to Boost Middle East Democracy
The author suggests several policy prescriptions that the US should follow in order to most effectively promote democracy in the Middle East. By Dennis Ross. (Washington Institute for Near East Poli... Read More...

External Article
An Improbable Cure for Oil Addiction
Arguing for the enforcement of a "price floor" on oil as an answer to energy problems in the United States. By Philip H. Gordon. (The Brookings Institution, 12/5/06) Read More...

External Article
Lending a Helping Hand
The authors suggest how the Bush administration can effectively respond to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s proposal in order to make a two-state solution possible and avoid renewed Israeli-Palest... Read More...

External Article
As the Mideast Comes Apart, America and Europe Come Together
The author argues that several events in the Middle East have drawn the United States and Europe into a closer relationship. By Philip Gordon. (Brookings Institution, Spring 2006) Read More...

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