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Tue. January 31, 2023
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Iranian elections
The author can’t help but ask, did anyone really think the Iranian elections were in the slightest bit legitimate? Elections alone aren’t enough for Democracy; one needs the protection of liberties a... Read More...

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China advances missile program
China successfully flight-tested a long range, submarine based missile, marking what a U.S. official called a significant milestone in China's long range nuclear weapons program. By Bill Gertz (Washi... Read More...

External Article
Top aides to Kim fly South for meetings
Some of the top advisors to the North Korean leader travel to South Korea for talks which will prove whether statements about negotiation were meaningful. By Choe Sang-Hun (International Herald Tribu... Read More...

External Article
Karzai Asks Musharraf for Border Help
Pakistani leader Musharraf assured Afghanistan's President that they will continue to support efforts to secure the border where Taliban have traveled between, despite reports of Pakistan relaxing bor... Read More...

External Article
N Korea asks South for more aid
North Korea has requested more food aid from the South during ministerial talks in Seoul. North Korea is seeking to improve ties with its southern neighbor amid US pressure to abandon its nuclear wea... Read More...

External Article
North Korea's offer
North Korea’s sudden call for a return to peace talks has left Washington in a curious position. Suddenly the ball is in Washington’s court and it is up to how they handle the situation that determin... Read More...

External Article
Iran is beginning to follow Lebanon’s democracy movement, although the mullah’s still have the ultimate power, the people are showing greater signs of wanting to be free. (New York Post, Free Registr... Read More...

External Article
One word shows Iran's new politics
Iran’s elections were a historic achievement, not because they were a great democratic reforming change, but because there was a change in language. Gone were the flowery speeches of the 1979 Revolut... Read More...

External Article
Cliffhanger in Iran
Regardless of the results of the runoff election, the chances of any true reform occurring within Iran are bleak. Neither the hardliner Mahmud Ahmadinejad nor the self professed moderate Ali Akbar Ha... Read More...

External Article
Enlarge the North Korean problem
The North Korea crisis cannot be solved by bilateral agreements, nor can it be solved by the two Koreas and the US. The only way to resolve this problem is for the US to enlarge the problem to the po... Read More...

External Article
Whether This War Was Worth It
More than ever, Americans are wondering if the war in Iraq was "worth it." By Robert Kagan. (Washington Post, 6/19/2005) Read More...

External Article
Taipei Should Respond to Beijing’s Goodwill
Mainland China has been making goodwill gestures to demonstrate its sincerity in improving cross-straits relations with Taiwan. (China Daily, 6/16/2005) Read More...

External Article
Puritan faces pragmatist in battle for Iran’s future
The runoff election in Iran is offering the Iranian citizens two very different choices; former President Rafsanjani the more moderate candidate and the former Tehran mayor Ahmadinejad a conservative ... Read More...

External Article
Show of force by hardliners in Iran polls
The advancement of Tehran mayor Mahmood Ahmadinejad into the second round of voting shows the considerable power the nation’s ultra-conservatives still have. The question is, will Ahmadinejad’s show ... Read More...

External Article
Iran's 'Democracy'
The amazing feat about the Iranian election was not that it forced an unprecedented second round of voting; but that so many Westerners actually consider it to be real democracy. Regardless of who wi... Read More...

External Article
How To Change Ugly Regimes
The current Iranian elections have shown us that the hardliner clerics are more firmly in control than ever and yet not popular. At this time we are also seeing a failure in US policy; instead of act... Read More...

External Article
Brutality Still Reigns in Iran
The United States is letting the ideological zealots win in Iran, simply because they refuse to take a firm stance against the constant human rights abuses the Iranian regime is responsible for. By L... Read More...

External Article
Iran's Election
While the Iranian elections will not bring about any true change, they will show the world a new split emerging in Iran. Not the split between authoritarian leaders and democrats, but a split amongst... Read More...

External Article
Iran's Theocrats and America's Neocons Need Each Other
Although one would think this was the farthest thing from the truth possible, the Neo-cons and Iranian theocrats need each other. Both sides rely on negative rhetoric from the other side to boost the... Read More...

External Article
Iran Election's Drag on Islam
The current sham elections being held in Iran will only serve to isolate the average Iranian from Islam, and the theocrats must realize if they don’t keep religion out of the political debate, they wi... Read More...

External Article
Why Iran's clerics fear this election
The upcoming election in Iran, more and more shows the danger that Iran’s well educated, more secular people pose to the strict clerics. By Jonathan Steele (The Guardian, 17/06/05) Read More...

External Article
Wary Arabs seek policy clues from Iran election
The Arab world will be closely following the Iranian elections, because they will provide away to gage Shia strength, which could further shape the fate of Iraq and change the balance of Sunni-Shia po... Read More...

External Article
The dark undemocratic cloud hanging over Iran has a silver lining
A Lebanese editorial that claims even though there is a “dark undemocratic cloud” overshadowing the Iranian elections, one must look at the “silver lining.” A silver lining that shows the old days of... Read More...

External Article
Turnout holds the key in finely-poised Iran vote
The matter of voter turnout will play a large factor in determining who the next Iranian president will be. If a majority of voters boycott the elections, the hardliners will benefit the most, if how... Read More...

External Article
Iran's passive participation
The failures of past Iranian president, Mohammad Khatami, have left the people very apathetic to voting in the upcoming Iranian election. This signals that as long as they are left alone, Iran will e... Read More...

External Article
Iran election not only about who wins
The current election in Iran, regardless of its outcome, will force the ruling conservatives to make more changes and concessions. Already the disenchantment amongst the younger voters has forced the... Read More...

External Article
Disillusioned Iran
Although Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani will most likely win the Iranian presidency, even if it takes multiple votes, the power of the ruling conservatives is waning. Events ranging from Iranian unemployme... Read More...

External Article
As Iranians head to polls, a lesson emerges for U.S.
Despite previous US failures to shape Iran in a way deemed fit by the West, the Islamic Republic is slowly becoming more and more democratic. Although the Guardian Council is still denying true freed... Read More...

External Article
Iran's sham election
Iran’s elections are nothing more than a sham. Although the people hate the theocracy, the Guardian Council retains complete power, and who ever becomes president will do their bidding. (Washington ... Read More...

External Article
Iran's ballot box
Whatever the results of the election, Iran is going to continue being a “split nation” with half its population under 24 and yearning for democratic reforms. (San Francisco Chronicle, 15/06/05) Read More...

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