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External Article
Al-Qaeda's deadly gamble
Tuesday's attacks show how far al-Qaeda will go to destabilize Iraq, says terror specialist Jonathan Schanzer. (Globe and Mail, 3/4/2004) Read More...

PDF document
Do The Ties Still Bind? The US-ROK Security Relationship After 9/11
The US-ROK security relationship is being sorely tested at precisely the same time that its importance to critical US-ROK interests is greater than ever. (The RAND Corporation, 2004) Read More...

PDF document
The ROK-US Alliance: Where Is It Headed?
As South Korea moves toward reconciliation with the North on the basis of a strong and credible deterrence, the United States and South Korea need a strategic plan that defines shared objectives and t... Read More...

External Article
US: Stick To Diplomacy With North Korea, Even If Talks Fail
A better government in Pyongyang is a long-term vision. Stopping North Korea's nuclear program is a short-term necessity. Without rigorous and sustained diplomatic engagement, the chances are slim tha... Read More...

External Article
The Next Korean War- Using The Military Is An Option
Op-ed piece for the WSJ by R. James Woolsey argues that unless China takes the lead in persuading the DPRK to abandon its nuclear ambitions, military force should be an option. (The Wall Street Jou... Read More...

External Article
UN's legal move does nothing for peace
Discusses the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague's proposed review of the Israeli fence. By Ruth Wedgwood. (Scotsman, 2/20/2004) Read More...

External Article
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
Examines Israeli viewpoints on the construction of the security fence ("wall"). By Peter Berkowitz. (Weekly Standard, 3/1/2004) Read More...

External Article
Iraq's Kurds
As Iraq's Shia Muslims flex their muscles in the south, the Kurds in the north are following suit. (Jan 29th 2004, The Economist) Read More...

External Article
Israel's wall: Divisive issue, dividing neighbors
The fence that Israel says is a necessary evil to stop suicide bombers is likened by the Palestinians to the Berlin Wall as a symbol of aggression and oppression. (MSNBC, Feb 19 2004) Read More...

External Article
A fateful concession by Iran's president
By Amir Soltani Sheikholeslami. (Boston Globe, 2/18/2004)

External Article
Blast kills exiled Chechen leader
(February 13, 2004 CNN)

External Article
President Bush's New Iraq Commission Won't Be Investigating the Key WMD Issue
Discusses how the Executive order fatally limits their agenda. By John W. Dean. (FindLaw's, 2/13/2004) Read More...

External Article
Tear Down This Regime
Argues for negotiation with North Korea on U.S. terms. By Claudia Rosett. (Wall St. Journal, 2/11/2004) Read More...

External Article
Former Envoy To South Korea Urges Direct U.S./North Korea Talks
Interview with Donald Gregg, former ambassador to South Korea; advocates a new strategy of bilateral US/DPRK diplomatic engagement (Council On Foreign Relations, 3/10/2003) Read More...

External Article
Yes or no on Gaza
Discusses the Sharon's vague reference to a popular referendum regarding a unilateral evacuation of Israeli settlements from the Gaza Strip. (Jerusalem Post, 2/8/2004) Read More...

External Article
A Tragedy of Errors
Play "neo-conservative Bingo" with author Michael Lind. A fascinating article on neo-conservatism – whatever ones feelings on the topic may be. (The Nation, 2/5/2004) Read More...

External Article
Arms Control Expert Says Discord In Washington Causes Problems In Resolving Nuclear Dispute With NK
Interview with Joseph Cirincione - Dir. of the Non-Proliferation Project at the Carnegie Endowment for Int'l Peace (Council on Foreign Relations, 12/10/2003) Read More...

External Article
Neocon Calls Bush's Policy Toward North Korea 'Confused'
Interview with Max Boot by The Daily Yomiuri (Council on Foreign Relations, 11/27/2003) Read More...

External Article
North Korea Expert: US Should Engage Pyongyang In Wide Dialogue To Defuse Tensions
Interview with Peter Hayes- Exec. Dir. of the Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainable Development (Council on foreign Relations, 10/27/2003) Read More...

External Article
Peaceful Regime Change Can Set North Koreans Free
Op-ed by Neocon Max Boot advocates a "Cold War-like" strategy of pressure to undermine the present DPRK regime (Council on Foreign Relations, 10/23/2003) Read More...

External Article
How To Defeat North Korea
Hard-line opinion piece from former Dir of CIA James Woolsey advocates more attention to a military option in North Korea (Wall Street Journal, 8/4/2003) Read More...

External Article
Southeast European Times

External Article
To Russia, With Love
Article detailing a 02/2003 CIA memo to the White House: "We do not have any direct evidence that Iraq has used the period since Desert Fox to reconstitute its Weapons of Mass Destruction programs." ... Read More...

External Article
Jihadists in Iraq
An unwelcome Saudi export: The Saudis have a long history of using foreign jihad campaigns to divert attention from crises at home, and to reinforce the hold of Wahhabism over their subjects. In Iraq,... Read More...

External Article
'These Values Are Universal'
Discussion with Adnan Pachachi, currently serving as president of the Iraqi Governing Council. (Washington Post, 1/25/2004) Read More...

External Article
Unmitigated Gall: North Korea's 'Bold Concession'
Skeptical view of N. Korea's current proposals regarding the nuclear development issue. (Cato Institute, 1/19/2004) Read More...

External Article
Frozen Frontier Where Illicit Trade With China Offers Lifeline for Isolated North Koreans
Describes the increasingly porous DPRK/China border and the consequences and implications. (The Guardian, 1/9/2004) Read More...

External Article
Snatching Defeat in The Balkans
Critical of West policies related to Kosovo and Serbia. By Morton Abramowitz. (Washington Post, 1/7/2004) Read More...

External Article
Of mullahs and warlords
Discusses possible Iraqi elections and suggests that the U.S. must reach out beyond leaders to the majority within the population. By Hiwa Osman. (Washington Times, 1/20/2004) Read More...

External Article
The U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative: Building Hope for the Years Ahead
Remarks by Colin Powell. (Heritage Foundation, 12/17/2002)

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