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External Article
Kosovo: The Way Out of the Quagmire
(Heritage Foundation, 2/25/2000)

External Article
Reining in an Irresponsible Kosovo Policy
(Heritage Foundation, 5/15/2000)

External Article
Myth About America's Commitment In Kosovo
(Heritage Foundation, 8/24/2000)

External Article
The Lessons of Milosevic's Fall
(Heritage Foundation, 10/27/2000)

External Article
Milosevic's Arrest: An Opportunity to Reform the U.N. Tribunal
(Heritage Foundation, 4/6/2001)

External Article
Can the EU Hack the Balkans?: A Proving Ground for Brussels
Once again, history is being written in the Balkans. This perennial hotspot is becoming a testing ground for Brussels--and for a new transatlantic relationship. By Morton Abramowitz and Heather Hurlbu... Read More...

External Article
A Second Chance in the Balkans
Recent political transitions in Belgrade and Zagreb have created a historic chance to make lasting peace in the Balkans. The EU must actively facilitate the latter, or the Balkans could suffer anothe... Read More...

External Article
A European 'New Deal' for the Balkans
Peace in the Balkans depends on economic stability and prosperity for all. To overcome the legacies of failed economic reforms and ethnic strife, southeastern Europe needs nothing short of a European ... Read More...

External Article
Dayton's Incomplete Peace
The world should safeguard Dayton's biggest success -- ending Europe's bloodiest war since World War II -- but hand Bosnia's political and economic future back to Bosnians. By Ivo H. Daalder and Mich... Read More...

External Article
NATO's Success in Kosovo
The NATO war in Kosovo did not come out of the blue. The alliance fought only after Belgrade turned a deaf ear to diplomacy, and NATO knew the risks it was running. But doing nothing would have been w... Read More...

External Article
A Perfect Failure: NATO's War Against Yugoslavia
Kosovo's consequences were just the opposite of what NATO intended: suffering Kosovar civilians, regional instability, and a fuming Russia and China. By Michael Mandelbaum. (Foreign Affairs, 9/1/1999... Read More...

External Article
The Fallout from Kosovo
NATO began its air war against Yugoslavia with high hopes that the transatlantic relationship would find new purpose through robust humanitarian intervention. With its expectations set far too high, N... Read More...

External Article
The Balkans' Lethal Nationalisms
Kosovo has reinforced the Balkans' image as a cauldron of ethnic hatred. To a historian, today's Balkan crises are rooted in, above all, a crippling dependence on the ideology of expansionist nationa... Read More...

External Article
Kosovo's Next Masters?
After NATO's air strikes against Yugoslavia, the Kosovo Liberation Army is girding for a long guerrilla war to win an independent Kosovo now and a Greater Albania later. By Chris Hedges. (Foreign Affa... Read More...

External Article
Kosovo Seething
Kosovo is again erupting with ethnic killings. It is time to face reality: Serb and Albanian grievances run deep, NATO troops are stuck in Kosovo for the long haul, and the West must take a stronger ... Read More...

External Article
An Independent Kosovo: Waiting for Another Navarino?
(World Policy Journal, 9/1/1998)

External Article
Pivotal Deterrence and the Kosovo War: Why the Holbrooke Agreement Failed
Debate rages over whether the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's (NATO) air war against Serbia was a success or failure. But one thing is certain: that war resulted from a prior failure of NATO poli... Read More...

External Article
The Kosovo Crisis: Will the Settlement Work?
A Presentation by Nebojsa Vujovic, Charge d’Affaires of Yugoslavia to the United States (Nixon Center, 11/2/1998) Read More...

External Article
Decision to Intervene: How the War in Bosnia Ended
(Brookings Institute, 12/1/1998)

External Article
The Triage of Dayton
The Dayton Accord that ended Bosnia's war has been oversold. It is the product not of Wilsonian idealism but of a reluctant realpolitik. The violence in Kosovo today is a reminder of the costs of appe... Read More...

External Article
What UN can -- and can't -- do in Iraq
(Belfer Center, 4/23/2003)

External Article
Humanitarian Aid Is Not a Military Business
In Iraq, the US use of humanitarian aid as a political asset threatens the efficiency and equity of aid operations. (Belfer Center, 4/15/2003) Read More...

External Article
Limit the Role of the United Nations In Post-War Iraq
(Heritage Foundation, 4/1/2003)

External Article
War Crimes Trials
Any organization calling for examination of American conduct in Iraq has lost all credibility, both with the US government and the American people. By Paul Rosenzweig. (Heritage Foundation, 4/22/200... Read More...

External Article
U.S. Foreign Policy Interests and Human Rights in Central Asia
(Heritage Foundation, 7/18/2001)

External Article
Beyond Ping-Pong Diplomacy: China and Human Rights
(World Policy Journal, 12/1/2000)

External Article
Human Rights in China
(Brookings Institute, 6/1/1999)

External Article
Turkey at a Critical Juncture
A policy brief in which Zeyno Baran warns of the challenges facing the new Turkish government and with it the transatlantic relationship with the US. (Nixon Center, 2/20/2003) Read More...

External Article
Turkey, Iraq, and the United States: Getting the Post-War Situation Right
A discussion with Cengiz Candar, Senior Columnist and CNN-Turk political analyst and Larry Diamond, Senior Fellow at Hoover Institution   (Nixon Center, 5/15/2003) Read More...

External Article
U.N. Authorization for War with Iraq Is Unnecessary
(Heritage Foundation, 9/5/2002)

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